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Digital Messaging Master Class for Retail & Ecommerce Marketers

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Netcore is a customer engagement & experience platform that helps B2C brands create amazing digital experiences with a range of products that help in engagement, retention, and conversions. Netcore over the last 20+ years has enabled thousands of marketers and product managers around the world with its No-Code / Low-Code products to create a personalized omnichannel experience across the website, mobile app & communications channels. With early investments in AI-backed with 3 acquisitions, Netcore has led the way in delivering an exceptional 1:1 customer experience—to reinvent how companies engage with their customers.

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Matthew Vernhout

VP -  Deliverability

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Nicholas Einstein

VP - Product Marketing

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About The Master Class

It's Christmas in July!

If you're a retail, e-tail, D2C, or other e-commerce brand, it’s time to get started on your Q4 holiday digital marketing plan, and these days that goes way beyond email and a web site. We figured, what better early holiday gift than a program to give you a jump on your 2022 holiday messaging strategy plus deliver approaches for advanced optimization that’ll have you crushing what you’ve done before?
 So we created the Digital Messaging Master Class as a free six-week online course. Every Wednesday beginning July 13, we’ll gather once a week for a new one-hour lesson and the chance to learn from industry experts and special guest speakers. With internationally-known digital strategist Karen Talavera at the helm, by the time summer is over, you’ll be a digital messaging master.

Digital messaging isn’t as simple as it used to be. Consumers are inundated with more devices and channels than ever before, audiences have fragmented, and success depends on reaching the right person at the right time through each one’s channel of choice. But even if you crack that code your job isn’t done - the name of the game is engagement, and keeping audiences consistently paying attention and buying over the long haul takes innovation, relevance, and excellence.
By the end of this course, you'll have a roadmap for crafting successful, optimized buyer journeys powered by email, SMS, and in-app push messaging, among others. You'll also understand how to coordinate marketing efforts for maximum impact, learn which signals merit attention and how to respond, see the latest innovations in interactive email and cutting-edge tactics for better leveraging automation - all without alienating your brand loyalists and growing your customer base.



Course Syllabus

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

The Omni-Channel Mindset

Understand the pillars of successful omni-channel marketing and breakdown of the digital messaging channels

Guest Speaker: Christopher Marriot

This session will discuss the 4 main types of consideration paths and knowing the typical customer path to purchase. We will also cover optimizing and streamlining conversion paths - common buyer journeys.

Guest Speaker: Nicholas Einstein

Identifying & Mapping Common Buyer Journeys

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Audience Segmentation and Targeting: identifying high-value cohorts and aligning campaigns to them

Discuss valuable audience segmentation methods and identify high-value customer segments and the campaigns you should be sending them

Guest Speaker: Jennifer Hoth

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Messaging: When, What, Which Channel?

Learn about must-have campaigns for pre-purchase, first-time buyers, loyalists, and disengaged customer segments while understanding how to load-balance overall message cadence, frequency and volume

Guest Speaker: Randy Levy

Leveraging Automation/ AMP

Delve into touchpoints worthy of automated messaging and learn how well-timed, behaviorally-driven interactive email can reap more revenue than standard promotional campaigns.

Guest Speaker: Matthew Vernhout

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Testing and Iterating

Getting clear on what to test for boosts in channel engagment vs. revenue-generation vs. AOV. And dive into testing best practices.

Guest Speaker: Alexandra Palau 

Wednesday, August 03, 2022

Instructor Office Hours - Ask the Experts 

An open Q&A with lead instructor Karen Talavera and our panel of guest speakers and experts.

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Karen Talavera

Karen Talavera is the founder and principal of Synchronicity Marketing, a data-driven digital marketing consultancy. As current Vice-Chair of the ANA’s Email Experience Council, she is a recognized global expert, thought-leader, and speaker with 20+ years’ experience in email marketing.  Karen has contributed to e-commerce revenue growth and email channel optimization for countless brands in DTC, financial services, travel, healthcare, retail and tech including Google, Disney, Kendo Brands, Lenovo, City National Bank, AAA, Fidelity, Amway and many more. She has also been a professional educator in the space since 1999, designing and delivering trainings, certifications, webinars and workshops for the ANA, AMA, Digital Marketing Institute, MarketingProfs and more.

Lead Instructor

Six Weeks. Live Online. Zero Tuition.

Special Guests 

Is This For Me?

The certification is ideal for you if you are:

1. The email marketing leader at your company
2. A CRM or Loyalty program director/manager
3. Responsible for online revenue generation
4. Producer/owner of mobile app and mobile commerce
5. Under pressure to deliver better results for holiday 2022

Christopher Marriott

President & Founder

Email Connect

Randy Levy

Chief Revenue Officer


Each class is one hour including Q&A time

Jennifer Hoth

Director of Global Loyalty Marketing & CRM

ASICS Digital

Alexandra Palau

CEO and Chief Email Strategist

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