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Enhance your interactive emails with the power of AI. 

Quantifying Today’s Shopper

85% of shoppers will abandon your brand over a poor shopping experience. Download our report to discover what will motivate your shoppers in 2024.

About The Research

To study the state of modern shopping,  Netcore conducted a comprehensive survey of 2000 consumers across the globe. ‘Quantifying Today’s Shopper’ is a report that unveils invaluable insights from the survey, including:

Netcore’s 2024 North American Consumer Benchmark Report

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Peek into your shopper's mind

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Behavior patterns of North American consumers regarding shopping.

Positive and negative triggers that influence shoppers.

Preferred shopping channels for consumers.

Preferred communication channels for shoppers.

Identification of gaps in brand and marketing strategies across the North American market.

Recommendations to bridge these gaps and enhance the shopper experience.

Netcore Cloud is an AI-powered Product Discovery, Customer Experience, and Personalization platform for ecommerce and B2C businesses. It leverages customer intelligence obtained by integrating customer and catalog data to enable seamless shopper experiences. Netcore is also a pioneer in driving conversions within channels through Inbox Commerce. Trusted by 6,500+ global brands across 40+ countries, including Jeromes, Express, Dillards, Tommy Hilfiger, Jockey, Crocs, Walmart, Disney, PizzaHut and McDonald's, Netcore is also recognized as a Leader in Commerce Search and Product Discovery in The Forrester Wave, 2023, and as a leading partner for Retail by Google Cloud.