Adopt a product-led growth mindset 

Netcore Cloud, in association with The Product Folks and MixPanel, is pleased to offer a master course on Product-led Growth. It’s all about models, frameworks and strategies that you can implement to empower your product to drive acquisition, engagement and retention. 

You must take this course if you’re looking to: 

→ Start your product-led journey 

→  Find the best frameworks to optimize the user funnel at every stage  

→ Achieve product-market fit 

→ Build a culture of experimentation by adopting a growth mindset

About this course


The great design book powers our creative process and allows us to iterate on ideas for digital campaigns.


Art Director, Pixel & Nudge

We wasted hours of work with previous methods. The great design book makes campaign creation a cakewalk.


Digital Marketer, ConvertableMetrics

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Key Learning

Get PLG Certified

Understanding of the fundamentals of product-led growth

Achieving growth across activation and retenion funnels

Identifying and tracking key metrics

Achieving product-market fit through experimentation

Applying monetization models to determine product pricing

Breaking into the product-led growth domain


Growth Lead

Bandan Jot Singh 

Session 5

Experimentation and Launch

Learn the importance of experimentation to achieve product market fit

VP - Growth

Vakul Agarwal

Session 1

Introduction to Product Led Growth

Kickstart your PLG journey by understanding consumer needs & user journeys

VP - Product

Pradeep Varadaraja 

Session 6


Deep dive into monetization models to help align product pricing with product strategy


Apoorva Sudarshan

Session 4

Measuring in action

Learn about key metrics like TTV and PQL to measure and analyse product led growth

Sr. Dir. - Product

Anirban Das

Session 3

Optimising Growth Funnels - Engagement and Retention 

Learn frameworks to optimise engagement and retention funnels to retain users post activation.

Chief Growth Officer

Avadhoot Revankar 

Session 2

Optimizing Growth Funnels: Reach and Activation

Learn frameworks to track your growth funnels and improve your activation rate with the help of a case study


Himanshu Periwal 

Session 7

How to break into the Product Led Growth domain? 

Understand the skills required to become a growth product manager

Make your B2C product a primary growth lever with the insights and frameworks from our PLG course conducted by industry experts

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