A new and improved way to Acquire, Engage and Retain customers

Integrated, AI-driven marketing technology to connect with your customers across every touchpoint

Explore world’s first Engagement & Experience platform

Customer Engagement

Take the guesswork out of customer engagement. Use our ML backed engine to engage

Build a 360-degree understanding of customers

Improve marketing and product strategy with user analytics

Orchestrate diverse

customer journeys

Product Experience

Drag, drop and place nudges in key product flows with no-code

Use customized walkthroughs to boost feature adoption

Nudge your app users towards the next best action

Roll-out new features backed by powerful segmentation


Deliver personalized and seamless customer experiences at every touch point

Turn scrolls into clicks to increase conversions

Personalize end-to-end shopping experiences

Start delighting shoppers

at speed & scale


From design to deliverability, raise the bar across all your email sends

Email API
Email Marketing

Blazing fast email delivery powered by AI for your critical emails

Build email campaigns, choose the right people, send at the right time

What success with NetcoreCloud looks like

The platform has saved us countless developer hours, enabled A/B tests over the years on everything from our home screen to search to payments, customized our feature sets for different geographies without code, also nudged our users to improve adoption & conversions.

Netcore has been instrumental in helping our Product teams move at the insane speeds they operate in. Every feature & widget in our app can be rolled out, rolled back, A/B tested, and highlighted for specific users - all in a matter of minutes.

Phaneesh Gururaj, SVP - Product

Sishir Kolli, SVP - Products

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