WhatsApp Notifications

Converse with your customer
where they are - on WhatsApp

Create and nurture leads at every stage of the customer journey.

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Add a high-engagement channel
to your mix
Go beyond transactional messages
to boost customer acquisition and retention
Build long-term
relationships across the customer journey

Enable personalized two-way communication

Converse with your customers using WhatsApp chatbot and API with advanced notification capabilities

Boost your lead generation

Increase your lead inflow exponentially via two way conversations by directing the customers to your Whatsapp chatbot directly from online ads

List & Reply

Let your customers make their choices 3x faster by letting them choose an option from a menu-type list view instead of going through a numbered menu

Leverage the power of multilingual support

Connect better with your customers by interacting with them in their preferred native language (more than 10 languages supported)

WhatsApp Business opt-ins

Boost the adoption of your new WhatsApp channel from Day 1 with missed call integration for instant opt-ins, click to whatsapp from ads, QR codes, sms bitly links or from website

Choose from multiple templates

Ensure that your content remains personalized and brand-consistent by using our WhatsApp approved template library

Optimize customer journeys

Orchestrate customer journeys to deliver contextual WhatsApp messages using intelligent routing logic

Measure performance and impact

Get real-time insights on the performance of messages delivered and read through our data-rich dashboards

Drive rich personalized conversations

Use rich media like images, GIFs, videos, audios, PDF files, or QR codes to make your messages interactive
Drive rich personalized conversations

Integrate with existing tools

Connect your existing business tools like Salesforce, Shopify, Zendesk Sunshine, Freshchat, & others with powerful out-of-the-box integration
Why migrate to our WhatsApp API?
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Mapan Success Story
Alfacart Client
Meru Client
Customer Engagement Group 19599
Mapan has been able to boost the delivery rate of push notifications to over 70%.
mapan 2
Astari Rosmalina
Head of Digital Marketing & Creative
Mapan Success Story
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Customer Engagement Group 19600
Netcore has helped improve our app push notification delivery rates by over 28% using their Smart Push technology.
Wawan Sunarwan
Head of Marketing & Content
Alfacart Client
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Customer Engagement Group 19506
Achieved conversion rate of 9.7% with Smartech’s app engagement suite
akupintar 2
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Customer Engagement Group 19601
Last click sale attribution doubled through multichannel automation
Vaibhav Kumar
VP- Ecommerce & Digital Marketing
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We implemented a multichannel UX survey after churn and received 1500+ responses
Tushar Padalkar
AVP - Marketing
Meru Client
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Customer Engagement Group 19506
We implemented a multichannel UX survey after churn and received 1500+ responses
easemytrip testimonial
Vikash Goyal
Head of Marketing
easemytrip 2
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