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Use Cases
Cross-Sell and Upsell

Deliver user-preferred experiences
to maximize cross sell and upsell

Cross-sell/Upsell: Onboard, activate, convert & retain users for exponential app growth.

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Increase customer lifetime value
Improve average order values
Make the most of
high intent moments

There is always more than we can sell!

Marketing acquisition to
in-app promotions

Address marketing campaigns and acquisition channels with in-app promotion nudges, especially valuable in mobile web or mobile app where screen real estate is limited

Product page upsell

Brands can identify and upsell a limited set of products to a super targeted group of users that have a propensity towards higher value items

Product page cross-sell

Leverage one of our feature adoption nudges, like tooltips, beacons, or spotlights to call attention to other categories of items a user might be interested in

Add to cart cross-sell -
nudge series

Cross-selling additional items might pose a challenge if users want more information about the product. Keep users on the cart page and showcase product details in a successive nudge, shown after the initial cross-sell nudge

Cart page cross-sells

The highest moment of buying intent in the entire user journey, across the spectrum of business types, occurs on the cart page. Capitalize on this intent by deploying a display nudge with additional products that pair well with the cart items

Our customers love cross-sell and upsell!

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