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Artificial Intelligence

Smarter emails,
faster inboxing

Automatically optimize for speed and deliverability on the back-end with a powerful AI-engine - Raman.

Reach engaged users on priority
Predict user engagement based on historical behavior, and send them your emails first to improve the overall campaign performance.
Reach engaged users on priority
Deliver emails when users are active
AI-powered send time optimization automatically sends your emails when the user is most likely to read them.
Adaptive sending behavior
Mailbox provider acceptance rates affect inboxing with adaptive throughput. Deliver the right amount of emails for maximum inboxing.
Our customers love AI-powered email delivery
Las empresas centradas en el cliente de todos los tamaños e industrias confían en Netcore
Since we fully launched with Netcore (and stopped using Mailchimp), our open rate has increased by about 50%, and revenue is up 30%.
Courtney Minor
Email Marketing Manager, MusicXray
Their expert consultancy has helped ensure that our Gmail inboxing, IP reputation, and domain are healthy.
Kalyn Cooper
Office Manager Connected Investors & Email Marketing Strategist

"Desbloquee experiencias de cliente inigualables, comience ahora "
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