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"Tanto si busca aumentar el compromiso como si tiene problemas de recepción, nuestros asistentes de correo electrónico le ayudarán a que su programa de correo electrónico sea un éxito. "
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Improved the current IPR by identifying the right data-set and strategy to effectively reach out to the right users at the right time. Delivered emails to the most active users first, using AI-based models.
Tara McAdams
Digital Media & Marketing Manager
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“The Netcore team has been just incredible- every single person has been great to work with, super-nice, incredibly knowledgeable. But being nice only gets you so far, and performance is key. Since we fully launched with Netcore our open rate has increased by about 50%, and revenue is up THIRTY PERCENT from the previous comparable reporting period. And we're only a week in! I expect performance will continue to improve, and I'm looking forward to seeing where this partnership takes us! “
Courtney Minor
Executive Assistant
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A1 Supplements Increase their Email Open Rates by 100% with Netcore. Customer segmentation, dataset analysis provided helpful insights to the buyer's persona, targeting conversions.
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Connected investors
“The Netcore team has provided us with numerous ways to increase our email KPIs. Overall we are VERY pleased with the Netcore platform and support we receive. We look forward to using more of the platform's ever-increasing features! “
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Kalyn Cooper
Email Marketing Specialist & Office Manager
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