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Updates. FOMO. Puns - Create them all in your push notifications to get customers to come back.

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Boost delivery rates by
45% across smartphones
Build engaging campaigns
with personalization
Engage and convert more
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Smart push - The 4 stage surgical strike on critical delivery drains

Stage 1: Push amplification –
10 – 15%

Smartech's SDK generates a unique ID for each user to deliver app push notifications directly. With this unique ID, Smartech builds a back-up delivery gateway outside GCM/FCM & APNS. With its pull-back mechanism, the Smartech server triggers notifications to smartphones that didn't receive them the first time
Push Amplification - Netcore Cloud
Personalize Your Way - Netcore Cloud

Stage 2: Xiaomi Push Gateway –
7 – 8%

Fighting Chinese OEMs' worry, Smartech's servers trigger your app push notification through FCM, Xiaomi Push Gateway, and the traditional push amplification. On the customer's end, Smartech SDK ensures that they receive the notification only once

Stage 3 – Delivery boosters –
7- 10%

Our delivery boosters act as smart push's stage 3. They are a unique addition with the potential to boost your delivery to 100% of your active app users. Once you schedule your app push notification, the Smartech servers fetch and plan it when it is functional. This assures delivery despite network connectivity
Delivery Boosters - Netcore Cloud
Reputation Optimization & Management - Netcore Cloud

Stage 4 – Reputation optimization and management –
10 – 15%

Our SMEs cracked the mystery box FCM! Our expertise helps you optimize the complex notification configuration and sender reputation. Real-time optimization of parameters, real-time adaption, optimized notification delivery, and Smartech's Smart SDK will be assured by optimizing what matters!

Personalize your way
to more conversions

The only thing better than push notifications delivered is push notifications that are personalized and delivered. Deliver the right notification to the right user and at the right time
Deliver Right Notification - Netcore Cloud
Media Notification - Netcore Cloud

Rich media contents for
higher engagements

Vanilla no more interests users! Take your push notification game to the next level with rich media. Engage your users with exciting media notifications against the plain text

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