Unified View of Customer

Fewer data silos,
360° understanding of customers

Understand customer action, behavior, and intent across devices and channels

01 Craft real time campaigns on our integrated customer engagement platform
Breakdown data silos - unify customer data
Gather real-time behavioral insights
Engage better across channels

Aproveche al máximo los datos de sus clientes

Unify insights across multiple devices and channels

Gain a deep understanding of customers based on demographic, transactional, and behavioral data. Unify these diverse data-points across multiple devices and interaction channels to build rich, individual 360° profiles.
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unify insights across multiple devices and channels
Gain persistent and real-time insights on-the-go

Gain persistent and real-time insights, on-the-go

The platform aggregates the historical behavior of each customer to date, so you don’t miss out on any relevant insights. With every new customer interaction, these 360° profiles are enriched in real-time.

Build dynamic 360° profiles, relevant to your business

Building customer profiles has never been easier. Depending on your industry, our platform supports hundreds of 360° profile view dimensions that you can instantly choose from.
Build dynamic 360° profiles, relevant to your business
Engage better with no-code embedded segmentation

Engage better with no-code embedded segmentation

Prepare on-the-fly micro-segments of customers combining various 360° profile view attributes to deploy hyper-personalized campaigns. Achieve all this without running a single line of code.
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Export customer profiles seamlessly

Now easily export your customer profiles to other marketing systems through ready connectors and easy-to-deploy integrations.
Export customer profiles seamlessly
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Customer Data Platform Group 19465
Leading sports retail with 200+ stores, web & app channels.

As part of its selling portfolio it has a large number of leading Sports brands spanning across categories of footwear, sneakers, apparels, sports, accessories, and many more.
One of the largest QSR brands in Malaysia

The client is one of the largest QSR brand in Malaysia with over 350+ outlets that provide traditional dine-in and the brand also provides delivery through their website, app channels.

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