Email Benchmark Report 2022
email benchmark report

Email Benchmark Report 2022

Why do you need this ebook?

The inimitable Email Benchmark Report is back! 

Last year, it was an analysis of 50 billion emailsacross 15 industriessent from Netcore’s AI-powered email delivery platform. 

This year, the spread and analysis have gotten more extensive and profound. 

We are coming up with a study of 100 billion emails. Our massive report will have tons of email metric benchmarks across regions and industries. 

The Email Benchmark Report 2022 will take a hard look at how the world has changed since the pandemic and the direction email marketers are heading. The benchmarks will offer a different perspective to your email strategy; you will get unique insights for creating the perfect email campaigns for your customers.

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What will you find in this eBook?

  • State of the email landscape in 2021
  • Challenges faced by brands to grow effectively with email
  • State of email performance region-wise and industry-wise
  • State of adoption of AI/ML, DMARC, BIMI, AMP for emails
  • Best practices for conversion-oriented email marketing in 2022
  • Action plan for email marketers heading into 2022

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