Mobile App

Contextualize mobile
experiences at scale

Deliver personalized user experiences across all mobile touchpoints - on and beyond your app

Increase conversion rates
Uplift add-to-cart rates
Elevate click-through rates
Deliver personalization at scale. One engaged app user at a time
Power personalization with AI
Our AI engine, Raman, analyzes large sets of historical & real-time data to understand what each user wants. Coupled with our Image recognition capability, Raman learns from each user's search, browsing, and purchase behavior to deliver hyper-contextual recommendations
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Deliver personalized
product recommendations
Our industry-leading algorithms use diverse data-points to generate the most relevant recommendations for each app user. Amongst other data-points, we analyze what each user is most likely to explore, click-on, and buy
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Deploy the most suitable recommendation widgets
All our widgets are explicitly designed for your mobile app, using your existing themes and app layout. The more contextual the recommendations, the higher your CTRs and conversions
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Build a personalized page
for each user
We help you build a specially curated list of products - tailor-made for every user - based on what he or she is more likely to buy or view
Personalize recommendations
via in-app messages
Engage with active app users in real-time by accounting for your users' attributes, preferences, and actions to deliver personalized content or product recommendations
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Trigger personalized recommendations on
app push notifications
Nudge your app users when they aren't on your app by sending the most relevant content or product recommendations - based on their search, viewing, or purchase behavior
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Our customers love mobile app personalization!
Customer-centric companies of every size and industry rely on Netcore
Netcore’s AI-powered Personalization helped us achieve a 13.2% uplift in revenue.
Atul Shivnani
Head of eCommerce and Digital Marketing, The Body Shop
Netcore’s personalization engine led to an ATC increase of 4%-5% on the existing engine of an industry giant.
Jacob Dryer
Digital Marketing Manager, Miss Amara

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