Differentiated travel experiences that win!
Maximierung von Buchungen durch personalisierte Website- und Mobil-App-Erlebnisse
Differentiated travel experiences that win!
5000+ brands across 18+ countries use Netcore
Impact the metrics that matter the most
Website conversions
10-12% decrease
Abandoned bookings
6-10% decrease
Mobile app uninstall rate
Activate faster
Personalize banner images, deals, or packages on your website based on past and live customer behavior
Engage intelligently
Identify the best subject lines, times, and channels to deploy campaigns that convert - every single time
Maximize revenues
Count on our AI engine, Raman, to uncover hidden customer segments that are most likely to make a booking
Uplift retention
Send contextual offers or alerts to your app users that are most likely to uninstall, based on Raman’s timely predictions
Activate faster Engage intelligently Maximize revenues Uplift retention
Achieve revenue take-Off
Get new users to make a first booking
Nail your app onboarding experience with contextual walkthroughs to nudge them towards activation. Welcome new website visitors with personalized home page banner images, offers, or CTAs.
first booking
Reduce drop-offs
Reduce drop-offs + Drive booking completion
Define rules that personalize content across key web pages based on live browsing and navigation behavior. Orchestrate hyper-personalized multi-channel campaigns to bring customers back to exactly where they dropped-off.
Personalize recommendations to cross-sell better
Target users that have completed a flight booking with personalized hotel options to increase average order value. Deliver multi-channel post-purchase recommendation campaigns at the right time to optimize further conversions.
cross-sell better
Uplift user retention
Uplift user retention while boosting CLTV
Understand exactly WHY users retain or uninstall your mobile app while guiding them on the ideal path to booking. Use the power of AI to predict, arrest, and reduce app uninstalls with contextual re-engagement campaigns
Focus on the customer experience, always
Trigger user rating campaigns or one-click surveys to get live feedback that you can use to better the booking or travel experience. Incentivize dormant or churned user segments with winback campaigns to let them know what they’re missing.
customer experience
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