A Comprehensive Guide to Email Deliverability for Job Sites

A Comprehensive Guide to Email Deliverability for Job Sites

Why do you need this ebook?

This ebook is an answer to your queries on email marketing strategy optimization, tips for better email domain reputation, email deliverability and data segmentation for job sites.

The paper covers all the basics from IP and domain reputation to email validation. The used cases are presented with templates (invitation email, feedback email, welcome emails etc) and their scheduling tactics.

Witness a massive increase in email open rates today by getting insights from this ebook.

In this guide, you will understand 


  • The basics of email deliverability with a special focus on the intricacies found in the Jobs space.
  • What metrics to track and how to extract maximum ROI from your email program and sustain it?
  • Look closely at what reputation is and how it can be built, sustained and monitored.
  • What is my data suppression policy?
  • Different types of content job boards use to target their users.
  • Industry Inboxing and Open Rates.
  • Helps you prepare for the upcoming transition and make it a win-win situation in terms of ROI and inboxing with an onboarding ESP.
Why do you need this guide?
Learn about 3 types of reputation that mainly affect inboxing: domain reputation, IP reputation, and content reputation.
Understand the 4 components you need to build and sustain your email reputation.
Find out best practices to ensure your content is safe.
Guide to help you switch your ESPs.
Factors that will help you in determining a successful warmup.
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