A SendGrid alternative that offers superior inboxing

A SendGrid alternative that offers superior inboxing.

Why do you need this ebook?

Email is a critical part of communication with customers for any business. While using an email service provider is simple, easy and the most reliable way to get your emails inboxed on time, it can become a little difficult if your email delivery service is not your brand- fit or in other words does not fulfill your specific email sending requirements. This guide compares the top email delivery solutions Sendgrid versus Netcore Email API so that you can find the right choice to meet your business objectives.


In this guide, you will explore how Netcore’s Email API:

  • Will take your email program a notch higher with AI-powered email delivery.
  • Expert recommendations and customer support will help make your email program a success.
  • Integrates in minutes to deliver your critical emails in less than 3 seconds.
  • Helps you in optimizing the way you send your email campaigns.
  • Became the world’s most recommended email service provider, says G2.
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