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Raman Insights & Nudges: AI-backed Marketing Insights that Maximize Revenues and Customer Retention
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Raman Insights & Nudges: AI-backed Marketing Insights that Maximize Revenues and Customer Retention

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In today’s ever-changing marketing landscape and customer trends, adaptivity is vital. Being able to take effective actions on-the-fly can make or break your marketing campaign/strategy. At this point, it is obvious how important data is to marketing. 

Endless analytics relating to clicks, conversions, revenue, app uninstalls, DAU/MAU, and far more all make up the core of what really drives digital and mobile marketing. All these data-points allow marketers to understand their customers, produce real-time responses, and adjust their campaigns/strategies in real-time. 

As effective as this sounds, unfortunately, so many marketers still struggle with adaptivity and data. 81% of marketers consider implementing data-driven marketing strategies on-the-fly to be extremely complicated. The struggle is real! 

Why is it challenging?

  • Condensing your customer data across platforms into a single holistic view 
  • Enriching data quality and completeness in real-time
  • Using that data in real-time to gain actionable insights
  • Leveraging these insights to make intelligent marketing decisions

How can we tackle these challenges together?

At Netcore Smartech, we believe in the unquestionable power and influence of customer data, campaign performance data-points, and extracting intelligent actionable insights from it.

But first, before we deep dive into actionable insights, we urge you to take a step back and start with a basic but crucial step – recognize your customers as unique individuals and not just as numbers on your dashboard. 

We bet you have heard this before….

But, what does this actually mean in reality for you?

In reality, it is a painful and time-consuming task to gather customer data across all digital platforms and the unavoidable harsh reality of data silos. 

You know that you should be using your valuable time to make creative and strategic decisions; so allow us to help you easily process diverse data-points on every single customer that uses your mobile app, website, email, SMS, social media, etc. and develop rich, real-time individual customer profiles. 

With this 360-degree view of your customers, we can now leverage this data intelligently – to perform the one feat of magic all marketers want to achieve: transforming marketing ideas and goals into actual measurable revenue and customer retention.  

To unleash the true power of this 360-degree customer view, you need real-time answers to 3 key questions, with regards to your digital or mobile marketing strategy:

  • What is happening?
  • Why is it happening?
  • What to do next?

We understand that sifting through various data-points and dashboards to analyze your data and generate these insights can be time-consuming and manually painful!

Imagine harnessing the power of AI to simplify your lives!

Enter, Raman!

Raman, our intelligent, analytical, and data-driven AI engine.

OUR intelligent, analytical, and data-driven AI engine. YOUR go-to data analytics guru and marketing best friend!

Raman is omnipresent across Netcore Smartech and has several capabilities like App Churn Management. He helps you optimize your campaign title in real-time, empowers your marketing communication efforts by helping you identify the right time and a customer’s preferred channel to communicate. All in all, he helps you maximize your revenue with a full-stack omnichannel personalization and marketing automation solution.

But in this post, we’ll focus on the real-time, razor-sharp, and relevant insights that he can empower you with on Netcore Smartech through Raman Insights. These insights can help you:

1. Understand Ground Reality: “What is happening?” 

Sounds like a simple question but in reality, this question can be broken down into N-number of critical questions that need to be answered by you; like:

  • How many users are on my app/website now?
  • How many users are uninstalling my app?
  • How much revenue did I generate?………..and this list can go on.

Welcome Raman on your team and simplify your life!


  • Let Raman do the data-crunching, heavy lifting

You can’t sit glued to your dashboard 24*7 to observe trends and patterns. But that won’t stop your higher-ups from asking you “Why didn’t you tell me before that there was a drop in our revenue?”, “Why did this happen and how can we correct it?”

While you are sitting there with a lot of possibilities that could have resulted in this drop, but unsure about the actual reason…sounds familiar?

But, with Raman on your team, your customer behavioral and campaign performance data will be analyzed  24*7. He keeps a close watch on your data, observes patterns, trends, and abnormalities. 

When an abnormality – good or bad – is detected, Raman raises a green or a red flag in the form of contextual alerts on the Raman Insights dashboard even when you are away; like this:

contextual alerts on the Raman Insights dashboard

Raman will critically analyze all relevant data-points to produce fresh insights everyday. You can then decide which insight you want to act on to further optimize your campaigns. 

So what metrics does Raman track and give you insights on?

  • Metrics that matter the most

Raman helps you receive daily insights on the following crucial metrics:

  • Overall Revenue 
  • Revenue contributed by Smartech 
  • Average Revenue Per Paying User
  • App Uninstalls 
  • App launches 
  • Daily Active Users
  • Monthly Active Users

Not just that, you can also tell Raman to track custom activities and funnel conversion events that are relevant to your business. Based on your business goals, let Raman know what you need insights on, and for the duration, you need it and leave the rest to him!

Now that you have left Raman in charge of giving you timely insights that help you figure out “What is happening?”, it is natural that you would want to understand “Why is it happening?”

2. Dig Deeper: Identify the “why” behind every insight

If your revenue drops or increases, there is never just one reason behind it. There could be several contributing factors.

Raman digs deeper across all data-points and unearths the reasons behind an abnormality – good or bad. He then categorizes the possible factors into 3 major buckets:

  • Smartech campaign-associated indicators

For instance: Using Netcore Smartech – let’s say you executed a particular campaign on email and app push notifications as your engagement channels. This campaign executed across the two channels could have resulted in different performances and one of them could have become a contributing factor for your revenue drop or increase. 

Raman will point out to you the exact details of how it affected your revenue. 

  • Business metric indicators 

For instance: Your app downloads or uninstalls, web message views, your daily active users, click rate of your app push notifications, etc. could affect your revenue positively or negatively. 

Leave it to Raman to tell you which business metric contributed in which way to such an increase or decrease in revenue.

  • Trend and seasonality indicators

For instance: Let’s say you ran a special campaign for Christmas, the CTRs from email or website conversions could have affected your revenue – positively or negatively. 

Now backed by Raman, you can say for sure if this was the case and bid mere speculation goodbye!

See for yourself:

Raman provides insights on what and why it's happening

Raman looks at your data from a longer horizon and at a ton of data-points simultaneously. These data-driven insights will help you make better strategic decisions, faster. 

Now that you know “What is happening?” and “Why is it happening?” – you need to act upon these insights to magnify their impact.

3. Take Real-time Recommended Action: Let Raman tell you “what to do next”

Raman will suggest corrective actions to reverse a negative trend or how you can double down on a positive trend. 

For instance: While you are on the dashboard Raman will remind you to optimize your email subject line to get higher conversions or will remind you to re-engage with the users who are ‘most likely to churn’ or will nudge you and ensure you use the right channel and choose the right time to communicate with your customers 1:1. 

Raman is already enabling leading brands to increase customer engagement and retention with his cutting-edge suite of capabilities:

See how Raman helped TVS Credit to increase their user retention by 26.1%

Dive deep to understand how Raman and FBB Online collaborated to boost their email open rates by 39%

Parting Thoughts

As a marketer, you shouldn’t spend most of your time grappling with data. You need to focus on creating more bandwidth to craft and execute powerful omnichannel marketing campaigns. You need to identify how you can deliver personalized customer experiences at scale. Consistently.

And, with Raman by your side – you get to do just that. Allow his insights to fuel your marketing strategy and increase marketing efficiency; one carefully engaged and retained customer at a time.
Ready to make room for Raman in your Playing XI and unleash the true power of AI in your marketing strategy?

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