App-push notifications -
personalizing mobile engagement at scale

Create and deliver rich media content that sparks action - with no code.

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Orchestrate mobile journeys
across use cases
Wow users with
rich media message elements
Maximize DAUs -
boost delivery rates by 45%

Build a data-driven mobile marketing strategy

Hyper-personalize messages

Bring users back to your app with customized messages based on user activity, name, location, or time
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Craft rich push notifications

Experiment with interactive elements like images, videos, GIFs, emojis, and audio to grab your users' attention

Uplift delivery rates. Constantly

Reach more app users - across Android and iOS - by boosting delivery rates upto 45% with Smart Push!
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Deliver personalized recommendations

Trigger relevant product recommendations, content, offers, or discounts. Create purchase intent at the right time

Track conversions. Effectively

Understand which campaigns are producing the best conversions and what's resonating with users
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Use AI to optimize campaigns

Increase your CTRs by optimizing your campaign titles or send-times. Reach the right user, when they're most likely to respond

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