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We achieved 42X ROI from Netcore Cloud’s Customer Engagement and Personalization. Netcore’s AI-powered personalization and customer engagement solution has helped us showcase relevant products and content to the right customers on the right channels. The product recommendations have helped us increase our conversions and Netcore’s customer engagement platform contributed to 33% of our total revenues.
Dinesh Sharma
Manager - Digital Marketing
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Since we fully launched with Netcore (and stopped using Mailchimp), our open rate has increased by about 50%, and revenue is up 30%.
Courtney Minor
Executive Assistant
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After a 14-day A/B test with Netcore’s proprietary AI-based Personalization, we observed a 13.2% uplift in overall revenue
Atul Shivnani
Head of E-Commerce and Digital Marketing
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“The Netcore team has provided us with numerous ways to increase our email KPIs. Overall we are VERY pleased with the Netcore platform and support we receive. We look forward to using more of the platform's ever-increasing features! “
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Kalyn Cooper
Email Marketing Specialist & Office Manager
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Netcore suggested Zenius adopt segmentation. Netcore also suggested triggering nudges across each stage of the user journey and also A/B Testing method to test user experience and go ahead with the winning variant across multiple use cases.
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