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“Netcore helped Venntro Media increase the effectiveness of their email”

“Working with the Netcore team has massively increased the effectiveness of our email. By challenging legacy processes & procedures, optimizing our existing program where revolution isn’t possible, and opening our eyes to new innovations at every juncture, the double-digit growth we’ve seen is an incontestable testament of their value”

Matt Harman
Sr. Engagement Manager, Venntro Media
“Meaningful engagement through precise segmentation”

The engagement segmentation is by far the most insightful tool. My organization has been focusing on the composite metric of recency+frequency to direct our marketing strategies.

Nexxt client testimonial
Michael Owsiany
Vice President, Strategy & Execution, Nexxt
Nexxt client testimonial
“Music Xray achieves incredible numbers using Netcore’s platforms”

Since we fully launched with Netcore (and stopped using Mailchimp), our open rate has increased by about 50%, and revenue is up 30%.

Courtney Minor
Email Marketing Manager, MusicXray
“Netcore helped us in streamlining our retention campaigns.”

Thank you Netcore team, especially the onboarding & tech team for helping us in automating the campaigns which we were doing manually earlier.
Also a big thanks to the onboarding team that helped build easy navigation features on the platform. These features really help clients like us who have multiple panels. We are excited to work with Netcore!

Amol Kale
Head Of Marketing
“Netcore’s Content Personalization helped us achieve a 4X uplift in conversion rate”

Netcore’s Content Personalization helped us engage better with repeat website visitors as we were able to showcase personalized banners that offered them great personalized user experiences. With Netcore’s Personalization, we were able to achieve a 4X Conversion Rate uplift from repeat website visitors

Ahmar Baig
Segment Head
“Netcore’s Smart Push Technology has helped us achieve a delivery rate uplift of more than 26%”

Revv has always been at the forefront of embracing new technology to deliver exceptional app user experiences. Netcore’s Smart Push is one such feature that has enabled us to do that, by addressing our app push notification deliverability challenge. This has helped us achieve a delivery rate uplift of more than 26%. Their expert consultancy and support from their Customer Success team has also been a major game changer in this regard.

Amit Kalia
Vice President Marketing
“Netcore’s nudges took over our complete key-value repository allowing different values for different user segments”

We use the entire Netcore Product Experience suite across our app and our website and find the whole concept to be very innovative and ground-breaking. Netcore’s nudges took over our complete key-value repository allowing different values for different user segments.

Sanjeev Kumar
“Netcore’s Product Experience Platform has been instrumental in helping our product teams move at insane speeds they operate in”

Netcore Product Experience platform has been instrumental in helping our Product teams move at the insane speeds they operate in. Every feature & widget in our app can be rolled out, rolled back, A/B tested, and highlighted for specific users – all in a matter of minutes.

Sishir Kolli
SVP, Product
“We improved our adoption, conversions numbers, and cut down countless developer hours”

Netcore’s Product Experience platform has saved us countless developer hours, enabled A/B tests over the years on everything from our home screen to search to payments, customized our feature sets for different geographies without code, and also nudged our users to improve adoption & conversions.

Phanish Gururaj
SVP, Product
“Netcore’s AI-powered Personalization helped us achieve a 13.2% uplift in revenue”

For Body Shop, it is very critical to ensure our customers have a relevant and personalized experience on our online store. To achieve this, we implemented personalized widgets on the Home page that studied user preferences and shared product recommendations custom to each user. After a 14 day A/B test with Netcore’s proprietary AI based Personalization, we observed a 13.2% uplift in overall revenue.

Atul Shivnani
Head of E-commerce and Digital Marketing
“With Netcore’s Smart Push Technology, we have achieved a delivery rate uplift of more than 40% for our app push notifications – boosting user activation/reactivation.”

Increasing app push notification delivery rates is one of the biggest challenges faced by mobile marketers today. At EasemyTrip, our focus has always been to discover & implement innovative technology to strengthen our overall mobile app experience. With Netcore’s Smart Push Technology, we’ve been able to achieve a delivery rate uplift of more than 40% for our app push notifications – boosting user activation/reactivation. The expert consultancy and constant support extended by their Customer Success team has been pivotal in achieving this success.

Vikash Goyal
Head, Marketing
“Netcore has helped us scale our email volume rapidly”

Thank you Netcore team, for a quick onboarding and warmup. Netcore has helped us to scale email volume rapidly. Thanks to the onboarding team for smooth transitioning, we are excited about this journey with together.

Ameya Sood
Product Manager
“Netcore’s Personalization engine will empower us to deliver delightful customer experiences”

We saw the Netcore platform and were impressed by the capabilities. Their deep expertise in the industry with some marquee names instilled in us the confidence we needed. I believe their proprietary AI-based personalization platform will be instrumental in enabling us to deliver the enhanced user experience and engagement we envision for our customers.

Jaslyn Chan
Founding Member & Chief Growth Officer
“Netcore’s personalization engine led to an ATC increase of 4%-5% on the existing engine of an industry giant”

We were already using a renowned recommendation engine and were getting good conversion rates, when we were introduced to Netcore through a co-marketer in Australia. Netcore’s personalisation engine helped us further improve the accuracy of the recommendations. Also, we were able to integrate these effectively at more different touch-points in the website. With this, we were able to increase the ATC rates by 4%-5% ON TOP of the existing engine. Would recommend others to try them out!

Jacob Dryer
Digital Marketing Manager
“Netcore has helped improve our app push notification delivery rates by over 28% using their Smart Push technology.”

Netcore has helped us improve the delivery rates of our app push notifications by over 28% using their Smart Push technology. Netcore’s Smart Push truly is one of the best app marketing innovations till date.

Wawan Sunarwan
Head of Marketing & Content

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