Partnership Director

10+ years Full-time

We are looking for a Partnership Director. The Director will be responsible for the day-to-day channel program development and operation, as well as the creation, execution, measurement, and evaluation of new partner programs to support scale and revenue acceleration.

The ideal candidate will support net new logo growth through partners. You will use a variety of your exceptional skills, including the ability to strongly present and convey information, set strategy and build relationships that conveys our value proposition to individuals and large groups.

You will work closely with the direct sales teams to ensure successful lead sharing, execution of marketing programs, and accountability to a partner revenue number.

As a Partnership Director your key duties and responsibilities will include: 

  • Assuming responsibility to develop and implement all partner initiatives including: Referral, Reseller and Embedder programs.
  • Identifying relevant organizations who are strategically well-positioned to accelerate growth into new markets.
  • Identifying potential channel partners across a variety of clusters, segmented by industry, geography, and specific area of expertise.
  • Closing partnership agreements, while properly balancing company goals, speed and economic potential.
  • Serving as the ultimate point of contact for all channel partners, working as an extension to the partner.
  • Proactively leading a joint partner planning process that develops mutual performance objectives, financial targets, and critical milestones associated with a productive partner relationship.
  • Demonstrating sophisticated decision-making skills, particularly in resolving complex challenges involving trade-offs between revenue opportunities, resource availability, and overarching strategic objectives.
  • Joining partner client sales and product demo calls when required.
  • Providing ongoing roadmap and guidance to the partner with continued product and sales training.
  • Developing the Go-to-Market plans that align with sales, finance and operations.
  • Working cross-functionally (with Sales, Marketing, Customer Success and Product/Engineering) in order to support overall growth and success of the partnership program and prioritize our partnership and product roadmap.
  • Sharing back feedback from partner clients to inform our product roadmap and operations.
  • Proactively assessing, clarifying, and validating partner needs on an ongoing basis.

We require:

  • BS/BA or equivalent
  • 10+ years proven successful sales experience exceeding targeted objectives and 5+ years experience in successfully building and executing a partner strategy
  • Prior experience and documented success in building or expanding partner programs and/or channel marketing programs for SaaS companies
  • Understanding of the Digital Marketing landscape is a plus.
  • Hunter & Farmer mindset with the ability to generate revenue opportunities while also developing long-term partner relationships
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Exceptional ability to develop relationships with a sense of urgency to drive revenue
  • Strong cross-functional contributor with the ability to work effectively with the team and across the organization
  • Metric oriented and comfortable presenting trackable results on a quarterly basis.
  • Must demonstrate a high-level of accommodation and flexibility to work in a fast-paced environment of constant change; able to perform well under pressure and hit deadlines
  • The ideal candidate will be confident to work independently, but also a strong team player that is willing to help team members, including those outside their immediate team