Harness the industry's first AI-powered email delivery platform

From the very first send, experience the unprecedented value of artificial intelligence guiding your email through the myriad of filters and rules standing between you and your subscriber's inbox.

Email delivery, the full scope of service for other email platforms, only covers half of the power Netcore delivers. Our unique Al solution also amps engagement, which is the holy grail for anyone vesting in email, leaving other offerings far behind.

The Future of Email is Redefined - Time to leverage AI

Predictive Engagement (PE)

Predict who will open your emails first and prioritize sends.

Adaptive Throughput (AT)

Adjust the delivery in real-time to deliver time-sensitive emails within 3 seconds.

Send Time Optimization (STO)

Improve engagement by up to 30% by sending emails at the right time.

What's inside the Box?

  • Robust API's mean super easy integration with the efficacy of tailoring your email program for all your email streams.
  • New Blaze architecture is designed from the ground up for speed and resilience. Built for today, unlike 20-year-old legacy offerings.
  • Yes, we comply - Netcore has you covered for all critical email standards including DMARC, GDPR, CCPA, CASL, and CAN-SPAM.
  • BIMI & AMP out of the box and ready to roll.

Real-time email insights

  • Avoid ISP problems and realize deliverability and engagement in an instant.
  • Improve your program and gain access to the deliverability score, along with inbox placement, postmaster details, and blocklist threats.
  • Zero in on your best customers with the engagement rate, along with recency, time of engagement, and the average time to engage.

We care about you.

  • Expert consultancy is always included and you're dedicated account manager will partner with you. Understanding your business and environment goes a long way to ensuring success.
  • 24x7 technical support means always being a call away when you need help. We understand just how critical email is to your business.

About Netcore

Netcore has been a mainstay in email for over 20 years, serving some 5,000 enterprise brands across the globe. A firm believer in Al from the start, all Netcore solutions leverage the power of Raman, our artificial intelligence framework. Netcore understands the importance of deliverability, but how much does deliverability truly matter if your subscribers don't engage? Other providers are afraid of the question, while Netcore delivers on it.