Dig Deeper: How Yaantra Witnessed 3.5X Boost in Revenue
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Dig Deeper: How Yaantra Witnessed 3.5X Boost in Revenue

Published : November 22, 2017

Onsite Engagement + Offsite Engagement = Tripled ROI

Today’s ultra-conscious customers aren’t reading content on the web the way you think they are, and the engagement is much lesser than you expect. These customers leave even before you get a chance to communicate with them.

Research says, up to 60% of all visitors on your website bounce off and exit without leaving their information.

Yaantra, India’s top mobile services brand, was facing a similar challenge. The brand couldn’t engage with its website visitors in real-time even though most of their visitors spent a good two-three minutes browsing on the website. So the brand was looking for cost-effective ways to captivate these visitors in real-time, and also target and re-target the website drop offs.

That’s when they turned to us!

Our Marketing Technology Experts got into action, performed a deep analysis to find out the reason for visitor drop-offs and found that high bounce rates were directly affecting Yaantra’s potential business as the brand couldn’t communicate with the visitors within those 2-3 minutes they spent on the website. Considering the time spent by the visitors, the experts decided to implement both onsite and offsite engagement with Yaantra’s visitors using attractive Web Messages and personalised Browser Push Notifications (BPNs).

We also employed a relevant and cost effective, Exit Intent mechanism to re-target the 53-55% visitors who are about to leave the website.

All of these along with Email Marketing campaigns through a single platform – Netcore Smartech, enabled Yaantra to enjoy multiple benefits like:

  • 158% increase in customer engagement
  • 16% revenue boost in a specific category using web messaging
  • 11% revenue hike in another category using browser notifications
  • 3.5X boom in sales revenue

Read Yaantra’s success story to know more.

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