What is late binding?
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What is late binding?

Published : July 6, 2017

Imagine, you are single and happy and you suddenly discover the connection of your life while walking down an aisle of cereals. You would certainly wish to approach her, you would want to talk to her, and you would also want to make that first ever-lasting image! But, she is far out of your reach, and she doesn’t even look at you carefully.

You shy away, until the most unlikely thing happens. She looks at you and smiles, Alas! You feel a small pinch in your heart which is nothing but your body releasing endorphin or happy hormones.

Isn’t this the signal anyone would wait for to try out their first interaction, and consider that you go ahead and talk to her and further find out about her interests? Which is secondary, even before you knowing her name you would try to have a conversation based on her interest in cereals and further try to know her.

Now let’s try to analyse this from a Marketer’s perspective, like that beautiful female your customers are browsing various pages of your website/App, the only difference is you know what that female was checking out before you connected with her, which ideally led you to start of that first conversation (I’m talking about the cereals she was interested in), but in the online world consider you are a marketer and need to understand what all categories or pages she browsed so that you would make that bold move, how would you do that ?

Here you would require the concept of late binding.

The process of historical patching of all the previous activities of a buyer, specially the activities done by the buyer in an unidentified or anonymous mode to his identified self is called late binding. Once the user is registered on your website logs out and comes back the next day, we can still figure out who he/she is. Tools like these become really important in terms of data driven personalization & marketing which still leads major marketing strategies of any company.

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