The Smartech Plugin for Magento: Take Website Conversions to the Next Level!
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Pradyut Hande

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The Smartech Plugin for Magento: Take Website Conversions to the Next Level!

Published : October 24, 2019

As a digital marketer, it is critical to engage with your website visitors and customers in the most personalised, contextual, and timely manner possible. This becomes even more significant for e-commerce businesses that need to maximise the traffic arriving on their websites to drive higher conversions.

Set in this backdrop, it is important for any web-driven business to deploy the right Content Management System (CMS).

What is a Content Management System (CMS)?

Simply put, a CMS is a software application that can be used to manage the creation, publication, and modification of digital content. They provide an easier and more flexible way to develop, host, and manage websites. With over 1.94 billion websites in the world, the demand for CMS has scaled new peaks.

CMSs can be used to power simple blogs, forums, portfolios, news and entertainment platforms, and online businesses. And, Magento has emerged as a pioneering CMS vendor in the e-commerce industry, gaining traction over other players such as WordPress and Drupal.

It offers merchants great flexibility and control over the design, content, and functionality of their e-commerce platforms. In fact, Magento’s breakthrough innovation and platform capabilities have seen it being recognised as the #1 Commerce Solution by Internet Retailer for 6 consecutive years!   

Where Does Smartech Enter the Picture?

With a large number of web businesses using Magento, it became imperative to service their customers to help these brands craft and deliver data-driven, multi-channel marketing campaigns at scale.

To address this very gap, we at Smartech, have developed and released a plugin, for Magento. In fact, Smartech is now officially listed on the Magento Marketplace where the plugin can be downloaded from. Additionally, the Smartech plugin is also available over direct download.

What is a Plugin?

A plugin is a type of software that helps add extra functionality to an existing website or web browser. In simple terms, a plugin can help a website display additional content or take other actions that it was not originally designed for.

In the Magento ecosystem, these plugins are referred to as extensions. These allow you “to add custom features and functionality to every area of the website (on Magento); including the front and back-end, integrations with other web services, themes, and marketing tools.”

What Can the Smartech Magento Plugin Do?

This plugin allows web businesses running on Magento to gain complete access to Smartech’s behavioural analytics and customer engagement suite. The Smartech plugin now allows marketers to:

  • Integrate the plugin, hassle-free, with the website – directly from the Magento Marketplace
  • Track multiple events or customer behaviours on the website in real-time
  • Gain comprehensive access to our advanced actionable analytics module for in-depth customer-level insights
  • Build laser-focused customer segments on the Smartech platform based on the pre-defined events or customer behaviours
  • Create and execute automated marketing campaigns based on these customer segments
  • Engage with diverse customer segments through a multi-channel approach across web messages, browser push notifications, and email
  • Orchestrate customer journeys using the website event data as triggers
  • Optimise your marketing spends based on the campaign performance analytics available on the Smartech platform

And, this is just the tip of the iceberg! To know how online businesses can harness the power of the Smartech Plugin through seamless integration on Magento, get more details here.

As marketers, plugins offer an effective way to access the benefits of a marketing automation platform as web businesses look to fuel growth in terms of customer engagement, retention, and monetisation. Curious to learn more? Why not get in touch with us today?

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