The Rainbow of Martech Services
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The Rainbow of Martech Services

Published : November 2, 2017

Who does not like seeing a rainbow in the sky? It is one of most amazing visual treats – simple yet elegant, unexpectedly mesmerising. It quickly brings a smile on your face. The 7 distinct colours come together to draw the beautiful arch in the vast sky. Can you imagine a rainbow with, let alone few, even one colour missing? It would not be as pretty as we know it, right?

A complete marketing technology solution must encompass all the 7 elements of marketing technology services, just like the rainbow!

Today’s marketing is so dynamic that you can’t just rely upon traditional and home-grown services. You require an intelligent yet smart service platform that takes away all the monotonous and repetitive manual effort, and lets you put all the effort and energy in strategizing and driving your marketing plans. A good marketing solution must do that for you through its seven core services.
Here are the seven rainbow-like Marketing Technology services that you must watch out for while evaluating a Marketing Automation Solution (MAS):

  1. Cross Channel Marketing Audit – The Marketing Technology team helps you in analysing whether you are making the best use of cross channel marketing or not.
  2. Industry Best Practices Guidance – Marketing Technologists guide you with the marketing do’s and don’ts which are specific to your industry vertical, so that you get the optimum value out of your marketing investments.
  3. Rapid Customer Journey Review – Cross-channel marketing audit and domain-expertise provide just the kind of understanding that is required to review and recommend right approach to Customer Journeys specific to relevant use cases.
  4. Content and Creative Design Optimisation – Supports in optimising the content, designing creatives, and matching the right content with the right use case.
  5. Deliverability Management – Ensures that all the messages you send reach the intended recipients. By using sophisticated tools like delivery algorithms and contact-scoring to delivery gateway preferences and service provide guidelines – they provide the adequate armours for a high probability of message delivery at a high rate.
  6. Data Analytics services – Deep analysis of your data provides amazing insights on best time, day, channel and methods to connect with your customers further enabling a better ROI over your marketing spends.
  7. Dedicated Workshops – Specific workshops, highly customized and brand-specific on- premise workshops to equip you with the latest techniques in the world of marketing technology.

With this marketing technology services rainbow in your marketing sky all the time, you can sit back and relax. Just savour the beauty of these colours. Sounds interesting?  Talk to us soon!

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