We’re going to be at TechSparks 2018, in namma Bengaluru! Come see us there!
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We’re going to be at TechSparks 2018, in namma Bengaluru! Come see us there!

Published : October 1, 2018

‘It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen’

– Co-founder of Behance, and early-stage investor & entrepreneur Scott Belsky, who has been active advisor to Uber, Periscope, Pinterest, etc.

TechSparks has been making ideas happen for Indian techpreneurs, entrepreneurs, and start-ups for a decade now, and has seen its influence grow exponentially every year. Now recognised as India’s greatest startup summit, TechSparks is the flagship event of YourStory, a platform founded by Shradha Sharma (also its CEO & Chief Editor) in 2008, dedicated to bringing out stories about India’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Click to watch our Group CEO Kalpit Jain’s interview with Shradha Sharma…

Thanks to the exemplary leadership, initiative, and vision of YourStory, TechSparks has now transformed into the go-to platform for startups & entrepreneurs looking for ideas, funding, guidance & mentorship.

So, we’re super kicked to announce that Smartech is the proud Martech sponsor of TechSparks 2018 and you can find us at booth #S10! We’re hosting a Masterclass on the importance of AI in marketing (but more on that later), and have an exclusive offer for the startup attendees – You can check it out here.

In an ecosystem that is becoming increasingly digital, size does not matter – it’s the strength of your ideas that does. But, to market these ideas and products, startups need a reliable marketing automation platform that gives them the best & latest in technology while allowing them to do so at scale & in real time, and very importantly, at reasonable costs.

Smartech is our AI-powered growth marketing platform that is poised to help India’s techpreneurs & entrepreneurs achieve just that – growth, by satisfying all of the above parameters. While a majority of startups have a strong relationship with technology, marketing is at times a problem area for even the best of them. And, most startups are bootstrapping – which means fighting for survival and figuring out a growth strategy both on a shoestring budget. That’s like a rocket firing on all four cylinders while being on the supplementary fuel supply – it’s a huge challenge.

Startups are also trying to make space for themselves in an ecosystem where the big brands have the advantage of visibility, huge brand recall (not to mention budgets), and as a result, audience mindshare. In vying for the attention of their digital audiences, startups need to have tools that are tried & tested in the market, exhibit an ease of use given the low manpower that they expectedly have, as well as readily available tech & business support in terms of consultancy.

This is what Smartech stands for.

It has a full stack of marketing automation tools in one place allowing your brand to ‘listen’ to your audiences across various social & digital channels, add to that the gamechanging capabilities of AI so as to allow you to build your database that will accrue performance-enhancing insights in due time, and finally, cross-channel marketing for reaching out to the user/customer at the right stage of their customer journeys. All of this, with the readily available support from Smartech’s Martech consultancy services including seamless integration of your data. Finally, we have all of this in a DIY format: You can sign up here for a free!

Now, about our activities at TechSparks 2018:

  1. Masterclass on ‘6 ways in which AI is transforming data-driven marketing’ | Oct 5, 4:00-5:00 pmBy Pradyut Hande, Senior Growth Marketer & Product Evangelist, Smartech and Kedar Parikh, Product Architect, Smartech
    • Why you should attend:
    • This masterclass will tell you exactly how AI & ML can become a truly valued partner in executing your growth marketing strategy by giving you insights most valuable for creating rich customer experiences.
    • It will also get you ready to adopt and implement AI into your marketing so that you can get the most out of your spends.
  2. Panel discussion on Innovation and Impact at Scale | Oct 6, 4:10 to 4:50 pmBy Veerchand Bothra, Chief Entrepreneur & Evangelist
    He heads our Netcore Innovation Labs and gives strategic vision, direction, and roadmap to our innovation efforts as we look into building areas of business growth in emerging tech such as Blockchain, AI/ML, Cognitive Computing, Conversational UI, and more.
    • Why you should attend:
    • This panel discussion among thought leaders in this field will bring you the topmost of ideas taking shape in the field of emerging tech in India, relevant to the start-up ecosystem. It could well be your window into the future… you know? – the time when you’ve transformed into a unicorn?

We really hope to see you all there! Let’s make the best of this huge opportunity! Don’t forget to schedule a meeting with our team here!

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