Mobile Marketing Automation: Embrace the Blistering Power of Smartech’s SDK v3.0
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Pradyut Hande

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Mobile Marketing Automation: Embrace the Blistering Power of Smartech’s SDK v3.0

Published : August 13, 2019

At Smartech, it has been our constant endeavour to embrace the spirit of innovation and improvement so brands across industries can deliver highly personalised customer experiences at scale.

To help brands further bridge the gap between advanced behavioural analytics and effective multi-channel customer engagement – seamlessly – we are ready to release our newest and latest SDK, SDK v3.0.

What is an SDK?

Simply put, an SDK or a Software Development Kit, is a collection of software development tools that enables developers to create software or apps for a specific platform, OS, system, or device.

In the context of mobile marketing automation, the dynamic Smartech SDK v3.0, upon integration with your mobile app, offers a comprehensive 360-degree solution. What this means is that a single SDK can help you power user-specific analytics, segmentation, campaign testing, and automation of use case-driven customer journeys.

What are the new features available through Smartech’s SDK v3.0?

Building on the capabilities of SDK v2.0, our latest SDK upgrade has the following features:

  1. New media support:
    • You can now incorporate audio and GIFs in your push notification campaigns for Android devices. This gives you greater creative freedom by offering additional rich elements to embed in your push notifications in order to make them more engaging, depending on your campaign objectives
    • Now leverage both Landscape and Portrait mode for carousel images in push notifications, as a template, across both Android and iOS devices
  2. Greater flexibility in campaign creation:
    • Now choose from a variety of media types when crafting push notification campaigns for both Android and iOS users. Leverage rich elements such as images, audio, video, GIFs, and carousels to lend more depth to your mobile marketing efforts. The more engaging and personalised your messages, higher the chances of app relaunch and conversions
    • Optimise your push notification campaigns for both Android and iOS users depending upon your campaign objectives and app usage across both platforms. For instance, you can create a plain text push notification campaign for Android and one with an image or a GIF for iOS. This gives marketers far greater flexibility while creating campaigns
  3. Tracking of new in-app activities:
    • For a mobile marketer, it is important to have a bird’s eye view of all in-app activities your users are engaging in at an individual level. The new SDK v3.0 goes one step further and allows you to track critical opt-in/opt-out events such as:
      – Enablement/disablement of push notifications
      – Enablement/disablement of location tracking
      – Enablement/disablement of in-app messages
      – Enablement/disablement of activity tracking

      By gaining visibility on such in-app activities, you can prepare for contingencies and harness these data insights to identify alternate effective user engagement strategies so as to maximise your mobile marketing ROI.

    • User drop-offs and eventual churn is an ugly reality that all mobile marketers must accept, especially when it comes to certain segments of your user base. Smartech’s SDK v3.0 will allow you to track app re-installs as well. This is guaranteed to give you a more cohesive view of your returning users’ behaviour
  4. Application of ML/AI features:
    • You will now be able to leverage cutting-edge machine learning features – powered by our AI engine, Raman – such as Subject Line Optimisation and Send Time Optimisation to embed additional dimensions of personalisation to your push notification campaigns. While Subject Line Optimisation will recommend user behaviour-driven, high-conversion keywords in your campaign titles; Send Time Optimisation will enable you to deliver these campaigns at the right times, i.e. when different user segments are most likely to engage with your messages
    • You will also be able to effectively track, analyse, arrest, and predict uninstalls through Churn Management for both Android and iOS users

Above and beyond these features and benefits, it is important to note that the size of Smartech’s SDK v3.0 is only 600 KB for Android and 14.7 MB for iOS, making it one of the lightest SDKs in this space.

What is different about Smartech’s SDK v3.0 tech stack?

Delving a little deeper into the technical details, it’s important to understand why Smartech’s SDK v3.0 is vastly superior.

Here are two key elements of the tech stack of our latest SDK version that sets it apart:

  1. Use of Kotlin over Java with regards to Android implementation:
    Ever since Google’s #IO17 announcement to support Kotlin as an official programming language for Android apps, it continues to grow in popularity in the developer community. Simply put, it can be used as a ready substitute for Java.Kotlin’s clean language design makes it safer, more concise, and interoperable while reducing errors and bugs in the code. It also saves time on daily tasks, helping make development time faster while keeping the code base maintainable.
  2. Optimised batch sizes and batch intervals:
    App events will now be sent in batches at regular intervals instead of them being sent in an uninterrupted, continuous stream. This will significantly help conserve the battery life of your users while also simultaneously reducing the time spent in queue due to manageable loads on our servers.

Are you ready to scale your mobile marketing strategy?

This is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Now that you’ve gotten a solid glimpse of how Smartech’s SDK v3.0 can turbocharge your mobile marketing efforts, you can refer to further details right here. For existing clients that will upgrade from SDK v2.0 to SDK v3.0, there are certain key points to keep in mind, highlighted in the documentation.

We are already working on a host of industry-leading features that are guaranteed to help your mobile app drive higher user engagement, monetisation, retention, and marketing ROI. To understand how we can facilitate this, don’t be a stranger and get in touch, today!

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