Supercharged Marketing Campaigns: Now Reach your Users on Channels of their Preference
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Supercharged Marketing Campaigns: Now Reach your Users on Channels of their Preference

Published : October 10, 2018

Every user has a channel preference when it comes to receiving brand communications. They might not be explicitly aware of it, but as a data insights-driven marketer, you definitely should be!

In today’s highly competitive consumer environment, customers have the luxury of choice. While some customers indulge in a purchase decision after a great deal of thought and research, many other customer segments are fuelled by impulse purchases. There might be an incredible offer viewed on any digital channel such as an email, app push notification, or an SMS, that might trigger a potential customer spend!

As a marketer with a firm pulse on the target customers’ actions, behaviours, and preferences, it is vital to optimise multi-channel marketing campaigns by taking into consideration the most preferred channel for communication. Not only does this maximise chances of conversion, but also helps you calibrate your ROI on every campaign.

In essence, any campaign message delivered to a digital customer is a function of the following factors:

  • Purpose of communication (alert, promotion, etc.)
  • Content of communication (body of the message)
  • Time
  • Communication channel

The number of possibilities that exist is permutations and combinations of above four factors. And, each element in itself has many possible categories depending on the specific industry and use case. The possibilities are innumerable and often overwhelming!

But, don’t fret!

While Smartech has helped you cover the foundations of your marketing strategy by addressing the first three factors, we now allow you to spearhead your campaigns by helping you identify just the right communication channels to target relevant customer segments on!

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Living and Breathing in a Multi-Channel World

Let’s consider the case of Natasha.

Natasha is a 35-year-old Banker who pays her insurance premium only when she gets reminded through an SMS alert. She is also likely to launch an e-commerce app on her smartphone on receiving an app push notification promoting a flash sale in the evening when traveling back home from work.

She doesn’t use her personal email too much, but whenever she receives an alert from a job portal, she can’t resist taking a peek! She also likes to be aware of things happening around her, so browser push notifications from news websites help her address this adequately.

Just like Natasha, different customers will have different orientations towards what kinds of communication they would like to see and receive through various channels.

Today, all of us exist in a multi-channel, cross-device ecosystem, which it makes it crucial for you to reach the right customer with the right message, at the right time, and on the right channel.

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How Does Smartech Address This?

We leverage past behaviours and actions of customers, analysing their open rates across four key channels – email, app push notifications, browser push notifications, and SMS. Our focus lies on absorbing individual customers’ historical pattern of ‘opening’ within our model.

By adding a dynamic dimension to mere raw usage across channels, based on Smartech’s variable transformation module, we transmute these variables. By further applying univariate analysis, multi-modal checks at an individual variable level is made possible.

Now comes the litmus test to determine the optimal number of customer segments and types of clustering algorithm to be used. It varies from business to business, across industries. We have observed Skmeans performing well compared to other clustering methods based on different clustering metrics such as purity, connectivity, and – most importantly – business sense.

Based on our initial hypothesis we help both web and app businesses chart out profiles for different groups of users across the above-mentioned channels.

But having clusters of similar customers isn’t enough, you need an intelligent bot to interpret the meaning of what those clusters comprise, on the fly, without human intervention. By trying and testing our hypothesis numerous times on larger datasets, we were able to arrive at an optimum solution finally.

By accurately identifying the preferred channel of outreach relevant to various customer segments, you can add another ironclad, critical factor to your marketing campaigns, at every stage of the customer lifecycle.

Now, you too can experience the benefits of channel optimization first hand. Your business can now reach out to targeted customers at their comfort and choice, with a laser-focused approach that drives higher conversions and top line growth. Click here to schedule a demo!

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