Seamless integration NOW made EASY with Smartech PLUGINS!
Written by
Pradyut Hande

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Seamless integration NOW made EASY with Smartech PLUGINS!

Published : July 24, 2018

Your favourite AI-powered multi-channel marketing automation platform just became way easier to integrate

One of the major challenges you as a marketer will face today is understanding how your customers behave across your diverse platforms, be it your website or your mobile app, in order to drive various aspects of your business.

And, this is not something new! Ever since websites first appeared, marketers have attempted to analyse the basic metrics that reflected what was happening there. It started with simple counters on personal pages to track the number of visitors and rapidly grew to encompass others such as the average time spent by users on each page.

That said, you will have a plethora of customers or prospects that fit into diverse segments, all of whom land on your site or install your app with varied intents and expectations in mind.

For example, to access OTT content, are your users only looking to opt for the free live streaming option through the website while watching their favourite sport? Or, do they download your OTT app and sign up for a monthly subscription to consume the content of their choice on the go?

Obviously, a thorough measurement plan is imperative. It must comprise end-to-end tracking and analyse your customer’s/prospect’s behaviour – both historical and real-time – across your website and/or your mobile app. This is the way to get a unified view of your customer.

Sounds great, right?

Yes. Until you find out that all of this requires technical integrations that are often tedious and time-consuming, something your IT guys might not be wildly enthusiastic about.

This is precisely where Plug-ins come in. Plug-ins are a software component that adds a specific feature to an existing computer program. And, when a program supports plug-ins, it enables customisation, allows you to add features to an already existing system without having to change/upgrade it completely.

This is why Netcore Smartech is now available as a seamless Plug-in, further simplifying your lives in order to empower you with every possible analytical insight into your customer’s evolving behaviour.

In just a couple of clicks you can now effortlessly integrate our Plug-in, setting you up for better engagement and ROI!

Whether your website is built over website builders like WordPress, or on Content Management Systems (CMS) like Shopify, Magento, or Woocommerce, we’ve got you covered.

Have a mobile app? No Problem!

We are fully compatible with mobile app development frameworks of the likes of Xamarin and Cordova for a hassle-free and transparent integration.

All set?

Leverage the power of Netcore Smartech Plug-in to create unified customer profiles, view aggregated cross-device customer data, and create highly relevant and targeted engagement campaigns. Whether it is web messages, browser push notifications, app push notifications, or in-app messages…take control of your omni-channel marketing strategy, today!

Allow this latest offering from Netcore’s growth marketing suite to empower your rise as a data-driven marketer.

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