Walmart-owned Myntra drove 94% inboxing and 60% better open rates with Netcore AI-powered email delivery
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Pradyut Hande

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Walmart-owned Myntra drove 94% inboxing and 60% better open rates with Netcore AI-powered email delivery

Published : September 18, 2018

In today’s hyper-competitive digital consumer environment, brands across industries face an uphill battle while attempting to acquire, engage, monetise, and retain customers. These challenges are even more pronounced in a supremely price-sensitive and value-demanding industry such as the online fashion segment in India, worth about $6,185 million currently.

Catering to over 440 million customers, the only way marketers like you can combat dwindling customer attention spans while driving repeat conversions, is by embracing an intelligent data-driven approach that hinges on reaching your diverse customer segments across appropriate channels of communication.

Recognising the multiple challenges in a constantly evolving industry, Myntra, the leading online fashion platform in India, chose Netcore Email Marketing (formerly Smartech) to help them deliver AI-powered email marketing campaigns at scale, facilitated by maximising primary inbox delivery.

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This was done with the objective of creating highly personalised and contextually differentiated customer experiences.

The Challenge

When it comes to marketing communication for online retail, email marketing continues to remain valuable with Open Rates of almost 17% and Click-through Rates (CTRs) of 2.3%

But the effectiveness of Myntra’s campaigns was undermined by their inability to get their email marketing campaigns delivered to their customers’ primary inboxes in the first place.

They also needed to identify relevant customer segments for email campaign targeting using a comprehensive analytical approach.

All of these challenges demanded immediate overcoming to elevate customer engagement, monetisation, and retention through AI-driven primary inboxing in the long run while maximising ROIs on every email campaign.

The Solution

Netcore Email Marketing has gone about addressing Myntra’s email marketing challenges by adopting a three-pronged approach:

Data Analytics:

Netcore’s email delivery technology and consultancy has helped Myntra identify intelligent customer segments based on their brand affinity, driven by their historical interactions and/or purchases.

This data-driven segmentation of an ever expanding target audience set the foundation for dynamic email delivery.

In-depth analytics also suggested that Myntra would benefit greatly by enabling higher primary inboxing as marketing emails that land in the primary inbox produce 1.5X the CTRs as compared to email campaigns that land in the promotions inbox.

AI-Powered Dynamic Email Delivery:

Over the last 6 months, the Netcore Email Marketing platform has added a level of Artificial Intelligence to these insights in order to enhance the chances of delivering these relevant email campaigns straight into the primary inbox of customers.

What does this imply?

To ensure optimized delivery and higher primary inboxing of Myntra’s marketing emails, we harnessed the power of Neural Networks. This automated network can pick up on the smallest of signals with regards to email delivery and auto-adjust the email campaign throughput based these same signals.

This ensures that the email delivery infrastructure continuously monitors the process in real-time, evolving and adjusting load delivery speeds along the way, to ensure that the quality of email campaigns delivered to the customers’ primary inboxes aren’t compromised on.

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Consultancy-driven Email Content Optimisation:

Going one step further, by leveraging Netcore’s AI and Machine Learning capabilities, Myntra was also able to hit upon exactly the right email content and the best times to send with regards to their email outreach. All of this is based on the propensity of different customer segments to react to specific keywords embedded within the email content, viewed at particular times of the day, primed for higher Open Rates and CTRs.

The Results

A heavy emphasis on AI-powered email marketing content optimization, email campaign send times, and email deliverability infrastructure over a period have majorly uplifted the primary inbox delivery rate (instead of these email campaigns going straight into the “promotions” tab).

By building a stronger domain authority backed by consistently following email marketing related hygiene factors, Myntra has now been able to elevate their email campaign performance exponentially.

Mr. Aashish Kumar, Senior Manager, CRM & Growth at Myntra, elaborated, “Netcore Email Marketing (formerly Smartech) has been critical to our customer retention strategy, and we have partnered with them for 4+ years now. Using AI-based delivery, it helped us in primary inboxing, achieving 60% improvement in email campaign performance which is 2X that of average industry standards.”

More the number of active customers that Myntra can reach out to in a timely fashion through a valuable channel of communication, higher the response rates and eventual conversions. This also helps them optimise their campaign spends, to hit a higher ROI in the long run.

AI is Here to Stay!

Artificial Intelligence is no longer a trending buzzword across industries. It’s advantages to data-driven modern marketers like you are real, measurable across channels, and attributable to top-line revenue.

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