G2’s Winter 2021 Reports: We have proved our leadership once more!

G2 has recognized Netcore Pepipost as the leader in 5 email categories in their Winter 2021 reports, and The following are the categories in which Netcore Pepipost has proved it’s leadership once again !

  • Transactional Emails
  • Email Deliverability
  • Europe Transactional Email
  • Mid-Market Transactional Email
  • Small-Business Transactional Email

This report is  truly humbling! 

And while this is already a great achievement, here’s the icing on the cake –

We’ve ranked in the top 5 for Transactional Email and Email deliverability categories across all the email services!

There are a few more milestones to cross and we shall become your favorite and the most loved email service provider in the world!

Strong 3rd Place in Transactional Email Software Category

Speed matters a lot in transactional email campaigns and so at Netcore,  we’ve always taken additional steps to speed up email sending.

This includes optimizing the server setups, increasing sending bandwidth, and even using AI-optimized delivery engines to assist with deliverability. 

All our customers who added their reviews on G2 have made it clear – They love Netcore Pepipost’s email delivery capabilities for transactional emails!

5th place in the Email Deliverability Category

An undelivered campaign is a failed campaign. 

Netcore Pepipost’s Artificial intelligence engine Raman is trained to understand factors that affect deliverability including subject lines, sending times, user engagement, and content among others. 

And Raman provides real-time insights into improving your deliverability! Our customers have rated us strongly on the deliverability standpoint even though Raman has only recently started helping out with email delivery. There’s still a lot for the AI-engine to learn as it analyzes more campaigns.

Trending on G2’s Transactional Email and Email Deliverability Momentum Grids!

G2’s momentum grid is a proprietary algorithm that scans social media, web, reviews, ratings, and a variety of other metrics to find the brands in talks for specific categories. 

You will be pleased to know that Netcore Pepipost is trending at position #2 for Email Deliverability and #3 in Transactional Email software! 

#2 on G2’s Momentum Grid for Email Deliverability Software#3 on G2’s Momentum Grid for Transactional Email Software

Keeping you as a customer at the center of our goals, we had set up some targets to achieve at the beginning of the year. It is a stunning surprise to us that we are closer to achieving our targets!

Being in the top 5 leaders in both categories means that the steps we are taking to improve deliverability and transactional email experience for our customers are showing results for them. 

Small and Mid-Market Transactional Email Leaders

One of the major reasons why Small and Mid-market companies choose Netcore Pepipost has been the ease of use of our platform. It requires fewer people to handle your email campaigns and allows you to get started on much lower budgets while reaching the same number of subscribers.

96% of users love our Customer Support Team

While the industry average lies around 87%, Netcore Pepipost’s support was rated as high quality by 96% of the reviewers. We stand strong by our vision to not just make email marketing easy but also offer you the highest quality assistance you will ever receive from anyone.

93% of users find Netcore Pepipost easy to set up and use

You hate finding stuff buried within an app’s menu, and we do too! Our design and development team has taken special care to ensure all the valuable data is available right away. 


And we continue to make tweaks to the design as you share your feedback! This is why 93% of our users have always enjoyed using it.


Netcore Pepipost can be set up quickly

While the average time (in months) to go live is 0.99,  We are on the lower end here at an average of 0.16! That’s just 4.8 days on average for you to go live.

40 out of 41 users completed their email service set up with the in-house team with little to no help from the support. 1 of the customers completed the setup with the help of our support team! 

So if you’re planning to switch over, rest assured that you’ll never be left out in the open wondering what to do next. 

The platform displays milestones for each step that you need to take to get ready to send emails. In fact, with the step-by-step setup plan, you also improve your reputation score as you begin sending to fewer customers in the beginning and increase daily volumes from thereon.

The G2 Methodology 

G2 scores products and vendors based on reviews gathered from our user community, as well as data aggregated from online sources and social networks. We apply a proprietary algorithm to this data to calculate “Customer Satisfaction and Market Presence” scores in real-time. 

The sorted data is then analyzed based on:

  • The recency of the review
  • Amount of feedback provided in the review
  • Attribution (Did the reviewer keep their name and company public?)
  • Whether the reviewer is a current user of the solution (Included a screenshot)
  • Community engagement with the review

You can read more about their scoring methodology here and their categorization methodology here.

What does all of this mean for you?

To start with, if you’re an existing Netcore Pepipost customer, this means you’ve made the excellent decision for your growth! We are an email service that continually optimizes:

  • Ease of setup
  • Transactional email capabilities
  • Customer Support 
  • Email deliverability expertise
  • And adds new features based on collective feedback

You can rest assured that each element of our product is made to add value to your campaigns, with no fluff. 

For those who haven’t tried us out yet, this is a good reason to sign up for the free trial and send 30,000 emails as a test here. The setup is easy as pie and if you get stuck at any point, we’re always available to assist you to get your email delivered into the inbox!. We will make sure, you will be delighted to use our platform!. 

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