Happy Holiday’s from Netcore Solutions!

Tis the season to be giving gifts and tokens or appreciation, so here at Netcore we though it would be great to have a few seasonal themed Zoom background for you to lighten up your spirits and spread some joy.

Celebrate the winter this year. You are staying home in quarantine anyway so at least make it appear that you are getting some fresh air.

Specifically designed to celebrate the Winter solstice with a few snowy themes that will look wonderful behind you as you dive into the Winter months.

Choose from one of seven backgrounds specifically chosen to brighten up your background and hide that pile of unfolded laundry on your bed… Yeah, we saw in the background now that you are working from home.

These backgrounds are guaranteed to make you look good on calls; some might even make your colleagues laugh a little. Remember, when someone asks where you got your new background – send them here for a copy of their own.

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Barry Abel

Barry Abel

Energetic and seasoned business leader with deep experience in both SaaS and enterprise software who has expertise scaling companies to mid eight figure ARR (annual recurring revenue). Extreme focus on revenue building activities across all customer facing touch points to include sales, marketing and CST (customer success team). Enterprise selling a specialty, with emphasis on leveraging ABM/ABS (Account Based Marketing/Account Based Selling) and Challenger Methodology. Possessing broad-based business acumen with true understanding of how to drive profitable growth and bring an operational mind set focused on metrics, KPI’s and accountability.

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