GoAir’s ROI soared to the skies with 8X growth – you can do it too!
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GoAir’s ROI soared to the skies with 8X growth – you can do it too!

Published : March 11, 2018

Using Actionable Analytics to Re-engage the Customer

As one of India’s leading aviation companies, GoAir does a pretty amazing job of operating 230 flights daily, connecting 23 cities across India. It makes sure that its passengers ‘Fly Smart’ on ‘Pocket-friendly’ fares, in its state-of-the-art Airbus A320 fleet. However, GoAir realized that it needed to do amazingly well on its digital platforms too. Without a doubt for GoAir, customer experience comes first.

GoAir connects India’s most popular, most significant destinations but what it also needed to do was connect better with its consumer. The customer ‘landed’ on its website and other digital touchpoints perfectly fine but its customer engagement needed to take flight. The answer was: Go Air needed to ‘Get Smart’ in order to ensure that it used ‘State-of-the-art’ Marketing Technology, bringing in a fleet of Actionable Analytics.

Customers landing on ‘Search’ page were dropping out at stage 2, which required them to fill up passenger details, and also at stage 3, which was the payment gateway stage. It is these customers it needed to ‘reengage’ by encouraging them to book their tickets and therefore, complete their transaction. GoAir did it! It grew its ROI by 8 times, simply by using Actionable Analytics. Talk about taking to the skies!

Here’s a basic diagram of what a typical customer journey for a GoAir customer looks like:


And, here’s a representation of our ‘Actionable Funnel Analytics’ for Goair:


For the sake of simplicity, let’s call the customers who dropped out at stage 2, i.e. before filling in ‘Passenger details’ as ‘Anonymous’ – because we had no data on who they are. Let’s call those who dropped out at stage 3, i.e. right before checkout, as ‘Transactions’ – these were customers who had filled in their passenger details, and as a result, we had data on the identities they had provided.

Here’s where Actionable Analytics worked its magic: We could track the ‘Anonymous’ and the ‘Transactions’ in real time and we had access to a variety of data on the latter. Analytics pointed us to the right ways to target them depending upon their location search, the devices they were using, the channels they preferred most, and more.

We targeted ‘Anonymous’ with personalized Browser Push Notifications based on their location search. The ‘Transactions’ were targeted with personalized email with dynamic content, as well as SMSes. Add to that cross-device personalization, achieved through sending a personalized link across channels so that even if the user changed devices i.e. smartphone, laptop, etc., they still land on the same page where they were when they had dropped out.

Download our industry report on adoption trends and best practices for Browser Push Notifications.

Our Attribution Dashboard helped us map these customer journeys closely through our Actionable Analytics Funnel, allowing us to tailor our messages accordingly.

As a result, GoAir’s ROI took an 8X leap into the skies; and, we’ll bet it also delivered handsomely on fulfilling its customers’ expectations.

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