How Feedback Bots Can Help You Improve Customer Experience
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How Feedback Bots Can Help You Improve Customer Experience

Published : August 17, 2018

How would you know what your customers like or dislike about your product or service until you ask them or they tell you?

With the service and product offerings being almost the same across brands, the ability to deliver a great customer experience is what makes your brand stand out. Whether the customer is happy or otherwise, there is only one way to find out: collecting feedback.

As a marketer, however, it is difficult to get your customers to fill up feedback forms or answer questionnaires.
Smartech presents a solution that will revolutionize the way you collect your customers’ feedback: Feedback bots. Bots make the process interactive, quick, and easy.

The most important thing is, you can trigger a bot to collect feedback at any of the various important stages of your customer’s journey, such as the purchase of a product, account creation, visit your physical store/branch, etc. Also, you can trigger the feedback bot through any channel like SMS, Email, Web Message, etc.
Feedback bots are cool because they’re…:

Effortless: Your new-age customers, especially millennials hate spending time and energy filling out elaborate forms. Bots present the relevant fields in real time and effortlessly gather their feedback. You can run hassle free feedback campaigns with no or little integration issues.

Engaging: As a customer, a Q&A mode is way more engaging that filling out generic forms. Moreover, with bots, you can use a personal and conversational tone for an even better connect.

Personal: Marketers can customise the conversations as per the customer’s persona, allowing you to truly engage with your audience and collect rather effective feedback that can give you solid business insights.


A leading PSU bank in India has already tasted great success through the use of Feedback bots.
The bank implemented Smartech’s Feedback bot to collect their customers’ feedback about their services, the results of which were extremely productive. It proved to be a shot in the arm for their customer retention strategy.
The bot URL was sent over an SMS. Following are the results –
– 100% of users who clicked on the link to give feedback, answered at least 1 (This was the most important question) of the 6 questions.
– 70% of them answered all of the 5 objective-type questions. (That means they left only one subjective question).
– 40% of the users answered all of the 6 questions including one that was subjective.
As we can see, feedback bots did a great job of collecting customer feedback in a personal, engaging, and conversational way.

Feedback Chatbot Response rate

The factors that worked wonders for the bank, and for that matter, would work for every marketer are:
– Timing: The best time to collect feedback is when your customer interacts with you: for example, when your customer visited your branch, bought a product, etc.
– Context: It’s very important that any feedback you collect is contextual – if a customer visited your store, don’t ask them for feedback on your website. Do ask them for feedback on their experience with your sales staff.
– Intent: You have to make sure that your intent behind collecting feedback is clearly to collect feedback and not to sell; or about branding. When we ask for our customer’s time and attention for collecting feedback, it is important not to use it on a sales pitch.
– Humanize: As customers ourselves, we feel better about giving feedback to a person rather than to a machine. So, make sure that the language you use is warm, friendly, and conversational. Asking direct, impersonal questions is sure to make your customer want to turn away.
– Prioritize: The bot asks one question at a time. So, prioritize properly and plan your flow of questions in the right manner. Ask important but easy to answer questions first, so that even if the customer drops off somewhere in between, you have the answers to those questions.
– Channel: Trigger your feedback bot from the channel on which the user is most likely to engage with you. Do not bombard your customer with requests across all channels.
Have you tried using the feedback bot for your business? Let us build it for you so you can listen to what your customers have to say about you.

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