Easy 2-step SDK Integration: Now set up nudges on your app in a day!
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Mariam Hazrat

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Easy 2-step SDK Integration: Now set up nudges on your app in a day!

Published : June 2, 2021

If you are convinced that nudges & walkthroughs are the right solution for optimizing funnel conversions but are still wary because of the time it takes for a regular SDK Integration – you’re in for a surprise.

Netcore’s latest SDK architecture integrates your mobile app in just under a day! 

Integrating the SDK is simpler, saving you weeks or months compared to complex integrations and tedious coding efforts. You can now ease your way to deploy contextual nudges to boost user engagement and take your app growth a notch higher!

Here’s an overview of the steps involved to get there : 

STEP 1: Add & Initialize SDK 

For SDK Integration, just copy-paste a couple of lines of code to the dependencies section in your app-level code and then perform Gradle Sync

Install our SDK by copying code to your app’s dependencies and performing Gradle Sync for seamless dependency integration.

Here are some details: Android, IoS 

STEP 2: Route the analytics calls in your app via our SDK

We basically use analytics events to create user segments, trigger nudges, and display results.

Route the analytics calls in your app via our SDK Integration
  1. Build user segments – Create user segments by analyzing event properties for precise targeting of specific user groups within your analytics data.
  2. Deploy nudges –  The moment at which you want to display nudges, is defined on the basis of the analytics events. For instance, if the event is ‘Product_viewed,’ you can trigger a nudge on the buy now button as soon as the user views a product.

We effortlessly track analytics events and user attributes, recognizing their critical importance in the process.

Here’s how we make integration with your existing analytics provider easy and convenient: 

  1. The Netcore dashboard automatically lists all events you’ve added with your existing analytics provider, such as ‘Product_viewed’ and ‘Add-to-cart’. Our integrations with multiple analytics providers make this possible – Amplitude, MixPanel, Segment.io, Google Analytics, and many more. To start, simply copy and paste a short code snippet.
All the events (like ‘Product_viewed’, ‘Add-to-cart’, ‘page_view’ etc) that you’ve added with your existing analytics provider gets automatically listed on the Netcore dashboard
  1. We save all the data points either on the user’s device or on our server. When setting up the SDK, you can control the storage options for each and every data point. Prioritizing data privacy, our unique setup prevents the flow of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to Netcore’s servers. This is the client side magic we work. Our system can track events from your analytics provider without obligating data transmission back to our servers. In this option, the PII doesn’t flow to Netcore’s panel. 

Moving further, if you need additional events set up, we have a complete system to help you with that. For instance, you might want to show a nudge on a certain button click. If you don’t have a “button click” event on that page, you might not be able to do that. This is where we can help you configure specific events so that you can trigger nudges based on your users’ context.

And yes, you’ve reached the end. That’s all it takes to get up and running with Netcore’s SDK Integration. 

For a super quick and agile integration, connect with us today! 

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