How can Cross Channel Funnels change the way you look at Analytics!
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Ritu Poddar
Ritu Poddar

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How can Cross Channel Funnels change the way you look at Analytics!

Published : July 5, 2017

A problem well stated is half solved. Funnel Analytics helps you identify the problem. Only if you know where your contacts drop out, you can figure out the why and the how to fix the leakage.

For example, many people may purchase on your site after searching for your brand organically.  However, they may have been introduced to your brand via a blog or while searching for specific products and services. If you can create a funnel based on the activity of the contact, you can analyse if your content and ads perform well. If the contact reaches the website through a browser push notification or by clicking a link in the promotional email you sent earlier. You can get the insights about the click rate of your email as well the browser push notifications.

Cross-channel funnels can show how previous referrals and searches contributed to your sales.

Take a look at this short video that explains Funnel Analytics.

With Netcore Smartech, you can create cross-channel funnels. Consider this scenario:

You run an email campaign for the upcoming monsoon sale. A certain number of recipients open the emails, out of which some click the links in the email. Some of them view the products on your website, some add them to their cart, and a certain number of them actually check out. If you wish to analyse the conversion rate at each stage, how would you do?

Through cross-channel funnels create a funnel comprising the email opens, email clicks, activity on website’s product page, add to cart, and check out. The number of contacts entering each step of the funnel can give you the conversion rate.

With the insights you draw from the funnel, you know how many interactions you need to have with a visitor before they convert. If it takes a lot of interactions you can engage in different types of activities to engage prospects.

Cross-channel funnels can indeed turn around the way you have been looking at Analytics.

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