Must have contextual nudges & walkthroughs: Ft. Fantasy gaming apps
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Must have contextual nudges & walkthroughs: Ft. Fantasy gaming apps

Published : April 30, 2021 | Updated : May 20, 2024

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was your fantasy gaming app! And the struggle hardly ever stops at just building a successful gaming app. Now, let’s talk about the more difficult part – engaging users. 

With new and improved old features, fantasy gaming apps are all set to cash in on the fever-pitch of excitement among users, owing to the two months IPL season. Mobile Premier League (MPL) witnessed a 100% increase in daily app installations with fantasy gamers going up by 7 times, during IPL 2020. Meanwhile, MyTeam 11 enjoyed the influx of over 3x more players. Similarly, other major players have seen exponential growth in their user base and have higher hopes hooked on to this IPL season as well. 

This certainly is a crucial period for the fantasy gaming industry to expand its user base and further drive up app user engagement and retention, and overall fuel the app growth by delivering lasting customer experiences that ensures users keep coming back to you during and beyond the IPL season. 

So, gear up! We’ve got some actionable insights for you to deliver unique experiences to different user segments by deploying no-code contextual nudges & walkthroughs across relevant stages of the user journey. 

Stages of the user journey: 

1. New user (User launches the app for the first time)

This is a pivotal part of the user journey that will decide whether or not a user will come back to the app. Here are a few use cases to create a compelling first time experience for users: 

  • When a user launches the app for the very first time, show a walk-through to guide them to the upcoming events/contests and further nudge them to participate in those
  • Nudge first time users to play their very first match/game to win exciting rewards/bonuses/cash 
The contextual nudges and walkthroughs used to nudge first time users to play their game to win exciting rewards
  • Highlight the games section for users to show the variety of games the user could play on the app 
  • Highlight the wallet section of the app, and further nudge users to complete KYC and add money to the wallet to start playing the matches 
The contextual nudges and walkthroughs used to nudge users to complete KYC and add money to the wallet
  • Nudge users to collect their daily rewards upon log-in, with a tool-tip with a beacon on the daily rewards section

To start with, deploying these contextual nudges & walkthroughs at the time of first launch ensures a smooth on-boarding experience for every user. By hand-holding the users and guiding them to the most relevant features, apps witness increased contest registrations for first time users, reduced day 0 uninstalls and an overall enhanced app user engagement that would prompt the users to come back to your app, repeatedly.

2. Active user (Use contextual nudges when user launches the app but doesn’t join a match)

There will always be users who launch the app and spend some checking out matches (and not joining any). Or they simply try their hands on a few games.  And here’s how you can capture their attention and encourage them to check out more features/games on the app. Or, guide them to a specific match and further nudge them to join it. 

  • At times, users need a little guidance before they create their team to participate in matches/league. A tool-tip on the expert/guru feature saying “Check out teams built by experts” is one of your best chances to nudge users to build their own teams. 
  • Nudge users to play free games 
  • If a user has been losing in paid games, highlight the free games section and nudge users to play a few free practice games. 
The contextual nudges and walkthroughs used to nudge users to play a few free practice games
  • Nudge users to explore the games section of the app
  • Deploy a series of nudges and guide users to first click on a specific match, create a team and enter the match. 
A nudge used in gaming app to deploy a series of nudges and guide users to first click on a specific match

Planting these nudges at the right moment helps drive feature adoption, improve engagement and increase the time users spend on the app.

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3. Active user (User comes back to the app but hasn’t created a team yet)

For users who are yet to create a team for matches, they’ve looked up. Here’s how you can guide them to create their team

  • When a user launches the app, nudge them with a tool-tip saying ‘Match about to begin, join now’ 
  • Guide users to create a team by nudging them to choose the players like – 1 Wicket Keeper, 2 Batsmen, etc
  • Highlight the football, cricket, basketball, and other sports section on the app. And then, nudge users to choose their favorite sport and start playing 
A nudge used to highlight the different sports sections available in the gaming app
  • Nudge users to add money to their wallets and participate in mega cash contests that could earn them exciting rewards or cash bonuses. 
A gaming app where users are nudged to add money to their wallets

This again, increases app engagement, and further increases participation in contests/leagues/matches. 

4. Converted User (use contextual nudges when a user plays a match for the first time)

It’s always about delivering high value to users and giving them something more than what they came for. It’s what would encourage a user to choose your app over dozens of other apps that are trying hard for their attention. To do that, it’s important to drive the user’s attention to key features and communicate the benefits you have in store for them.

Here are a couple of use cases you could pick your brains on: 

  • Highlight ‘spin the wheel’ section that says ‘Grab the chance to win additional rewards/cash-backs and more’
  • When a user wins a match and earns a cash prize, nudge them to share the app with their friends to earn more cash rewards 
A gaming app that nudges users to share the app with their friends and earn more cash rewards
  • Nudge users to set reminders to get notified for upcoming matches.
Nudges used to set reminders for the upcoming matches in the gaming app

These contextual nudges increase app stickiness. With nudging users to share the app with their friends, there’s a spike in the number of app downloads. 

5. Power Users (User regularly plays matches of a particular sport – cricket/football or any other leagues) 

To convert regular users to loyal gamers, here are a few nudges that could help: 

  • If a user religiously plays cricket, nudge him/her to explore other games/sports leagues on the app. You can nudge them towards football and further highlight an upcoming league the user could participate in 
  • Nudge users to explore reward sections and redeem/claim their reward points 
The contextual nudges and walkthroughs used to nudge users to explore reward sections and claim their reward points
  • Nudge users to share contest code with friends and ask them to join in 
  • Highlight filter option to allow users to filter matches and view leagues of their interest 

In addition to witnessing an increased influx of users, fantasy gaming platforms benefit from engaging, re-engaging, and retaining users with highly contextual and personalized nudges. 

With the increasing popularity and fan base of fantasy games across the globe, fantasy gaming apps need to up their game. They need to craft one-of-a-kind app user experiences to improve their conversion, engagement, and retention. And the secret sauce to amplify app growth and ace the north star metrics is placing contextual nudges & walkthroughs across relevant stages of the user journey that would take users to their ‘aha moment’

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Written By: Mariam Hazrat