Best of Netcore Email Strategies and Campaign 2020
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Jasmine Handa

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Best of Netcore Email Strategies and Campaign 2020

Published : December 31, 2020

Emails being the most cost-effective marketing solution gives you the power to reach customers in a place they visit every day — their inboxes.

This year we saw loads of email experiments and best examples of how brands created amazing customer experiences in an increasingly tough market during crisis time! Not just this, but 2020 also proved to be a year of immense learning gained from those experiments, from brands that did email marketing the right way and other industry experts.

Email was nothing short of a blessing for the marketers where the entire world’s activities came to an halt!

So, in order to make you a future ready email marketer and help you surpass your 2021 email marketing goals. We have collated the best and the most liked content pieces of 2020 to fill your bag of learnings while you are stepping into 2021!

1. A Sincere Guide: What to send and what not to send your email subscribers during COVID-19

This guide helped to provide direction to email marketers as they try to navigate their way on how to communicate effectively during the pandemic. While the tips were pandemic-focused, many of them can be used in all different types of situations. Read more

PS: My most favorite was the heartbeat campaign!

2. Email strategies during and post lockdown era

The pandemic hit businesses hard all across the globe, leaving marketers with uncertainty on how to proceed when “business as usual” wasn’t an option anymore. Below you’ll find email strategies tailored for 5 major industries, provided by our in-house email and industry experts.

PS: There were email marketers and entrepreneurs messaging us, telling how impactful our email campaign suggestions were.

3. Survey Report: How do your users feel about your emails in the current crisis

If you want to know what 1000+ email users across the globe think about the change in email habits during the pandemic, then this report has got the perfect insights for you! This is a must-read for all the email marketers to send the right message to the right user at the pandemic time.

PS: Some insights were eye-opening!

4. Netcore revolutionizes its email marketing with AI

Want to innovate your email delivery? Let’s make it smarter and stronger with Artificial Intelligence. You can learn how AI can help your brand send highly personalized and contextually engaging content to the segmented audience with superior inbox delivery. Read more

PS: An AI-powered email is an added advantage for your email program!

5. Email Benchmark Report 2020

We studied 50Bn emails sent across the globe by top brands from 15 major industries and got some really astonishing results! If you want to know how your email campaigns flared as per the benchmarks then download the report.

PS: Email industry leaders are raving about this report !

6. For The Love Of Emails- Podcast Series

Our latest podcast series has given us the opportunity to dig deep into some of the top email trends including essential email metrics, data privacy laws and email compliances, important email KPIs and email deliverability, and marketing myths. With each episode featuring a different email industry specialist, we’re able to get the inside scoop on all things email and technology.

Tune into our “For The Love Of Email podcast series for some candid conversation and unheard email tips.

PS: Every episode was mind blowing!

7. Email Churn – Smart strategies to lower your churn rate in the post-lockdown period

It’s critical for an email marketer to understand their consumer motivations in a post-pandemic world, something we like to call ‘the new normal.’ It will ultimately help them to reduce their churned users and retain current customers. Read more to stay in touch with your customers in the aptest way!

PS: Subscriber behaviour is going through a paradigm shift. Be smart to arrest the email churn!

8. Inevitable change in email metrics

As we’re observing changes in customer behaviors across industries, there’s been one consistency — users want more emails that meet their needs and make their lives easier. Read more to explore the email metrics that reflect the new standards for industries to follow!

PS: Re-evaluate the concept of ‘return on investment’ and make it more ‘return on impact’ for better results!

9. An effortless guide to switching ESP 

Switching email providers is complicated. Finding the right approach to data migration, list hygiene, and smooth warm-up practices is essential. Plus, you have to keep your email inboxing intact. Here’s a guide that we created for an effortless switch to another email service provider. Read more

PS: This guide addresses ALL the pain points and provides the right direction!

10. Email marketing trends 2021 that nobody is talking about

Rewinding back what we learned in 2020, there were a few predictions that we wanted to reveal through the email marketing trends in 2021. Curious to know what’s ahead in email marketing? This blog should be at the top of your reading list to unleash 7 global email trends of 2021. Read more

PS:  Let this be your go-to-guide for a successful email program for 2021.

Last Notes

Email marketing is now more about customer conversations, meaningful experiences, and interactivity. Netcore’s email experts have tried their best to shape your email strategy, covering tips to enhance your customer experience inside the inbox.

We can confidently say that email has become one of the most trusted communication channels for marketers, CMOs, and CEOs. Long may email live and thrive.


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