Dig Deeper: How AxisDirect achieved 20X surge in Browser Push Notification Opt-ins
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Dig Deeper: How AxisDirect achieved 20X surge in Browser Push Notification Opt-ins

Published : November 1, 2017

Marketing Automation Platform + Consultancy Services = Double Delight

AxisDirect is the flagship brand under Axis Securities Limited, a 100% subsidiary of Axis Bank that offers Retail Broking services and is involved in distribution of Bank’s financial products.

Globally, on an average, about 90% of online visitors browse the websites, anonymously. AxisDirect was finding it challenging to engage and retain the anonymous visitors coming to their website.

Dharmesh Sinha, Chief Manager – Marketing at Axis Securities, tells us how Browser Push Notifications in Netcore Smartech, helped them attract anonymous visitors to keep coming back to their brand property and captivated them to stay connected with the brand.


Initially, AxisDirect were running their visitor engagement and retention strategy, manually. But the results were not that impressive. So they were looking for a cross-channel solution which could help them target and re-target maximum anonymous visitors, and raise the number of visitors, seamlessly and in an automated manner.

That’s when they turned to Netcore Smartech – a full-stack, omni-channel marketing automation solution.

Our marketing technology experts proposed using the most effective channel which has unfolded amazing outcomes for several clients across different industry verticals – Browser Push Notifications (BPNs)!

“Netcore’s technical experts with their quick integration techniques ensured that the integration should be hassle free and we kick-started with Browser Push Notifications before our schedule plan. And within just a span of 180 days, we saw a whooping increase of 20X in users opting in for BPN as well as a 20X increase in the click on browser notifications.”, says Dharmesh.

Integrating and implementing hassle-free BPNs through Netcore Smartech has helped AxisDirect enjoy multiple benefits:

  • Anonymous users were driven back to the website
  • Customised BPNs were sent to identified visitors
  • The number of users opting in for BPNs jumped by 20X
  • The number of clicks also went up by 20 times
  • Massive website traffic was generated through anonymous user targeting

Download AxisDirect’s story to read more about their success!

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