Asia’s first-ever Email Excellence Awards: “For the Love of Emails Awards 2022.”
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Jasmine Handa

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Asia’s first-ever Email Excellence Awards: “For the Love of Emails Awards 2022.”

Published : November 16, 2021

Growth-driven email marketers like you keep experimenting with newer innovative ways to make their emails stand out from the crowd in the users’  inboxes.. It is the first step to increase engagement, acquisition, retention, and brand awareness. Yet, the remarkable contribution of email marketers often stays limitedly recognized within their organizations.

We feel it’s time to encourage the innovators and trailblazers in the email industry. As pioneers and leaders in the email space, we are setting out to create a prestigious stage for the acknowledgment and recognition of the email fraternity in Asia.

Presenting “For the Love of Emails” awards

In association with Asia Inc 500, Netcore Cloud is excited and proud to announce Asia’s first-ever Email Excellence Awards:  “For the Love of Emails Awards 2022.”

The mega event will be held virtually on 25th February 2022, from 02:00 PM to 06:00 PM IST.

Let us acknowledge and honor the ones that stand out

Netcore Cloud is the largest email service provider in Asia, with 75% of India’s and 50% of Asia’s email traffic going through it.  We have always contributed to the overall growth of the email marketing community. As the industry forerunner, we aim to inspire businesses with world-class campaigns that stand out in leveraging the power of emails for driving growth.

The “For the Love of Emails Awards 2022” will recognize enterprises across industries and their extraordinary efforts in email marketing.

We have seven categories and a total of 13 awards to be given. Brands can submit their nomination for email campaigns with the most innovative ideas, incredible designs, aesthetic appeal, or a great strategy. 

The event day would also have several speaker sessions on a diverse range of topics, from the latest technologies to everyday challenges in email campaigns.

Here are the categories for your nomination

  1. The Email campaign of the year award will go to a brand’s email campaign that left a mark in the customers’ hearts with its multifaceted impact. This email campaign delivered extraordinary results and overachieved the campaign objectives and business goals.
  2. The Most innovative email campaign award will be given to a brand’s email campaign that redrew the boundaries of customer experience with new technology/design elements. This one-of-a-kind email campaign was unique and showcased out-of-the-box thinking.
  3. The Most visually compelling email campaign award will be won by an email campaign that stole the show with its glamorous and appealing design that persuaded the customers to engage with the emails and click on the CTAs.
  4. The Best email customer journey award will be given to an email campaign that nurtured customers through drips/automated journey emails and excelled in acquisition and retention. It leveraged the moments in the customer journey most effectively.
  5. The Email marketing kickstarter award will go to a brand’s email marketing campaign that proved to be a Kickstarter on the brand’s road to outstanding success and has channeled remarkable improvement in the ROI in the last year.
  6. The Best email strategy award is for that one-of-a-kind email campaign strategy that embodied winning strategies to launch new products, acquire customers, nurture them through customer journeys, and cultivate them to become brand fans.
  7. The Email marketing thought leader of the yearaward goes to the marketing leader who has driven unparalleled business growth by harnessing the full potential of emails. The leader who loves emails evangelizes them in the communities, and brings innovative concepts to email marketing campaigns will walk away with the Award.

“For the Love of Emails Awards 2022” is all about international recognition, networking with industry leaders, and coverage by one of the most prominent global media.

Think your email campaigns have any or all of the above qualities? If yes, what are you waiting for? Submit your nomination now to win the most coveted email awards in Asia.

You can also register for the award show to watch the most amazing speaker sessions and join marketing experts from top brands across the globe.

Do not miss this opportunity to celebrate excellence – it’s Asia’s first-ever Email Excellence Awards, “For the Love of Emails Awards 2022.”

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