Netcore and Amplitude: Make your campaigns even more data-driven
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Prasad Ramesh
Prasad Ramesh

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Netcore and Amplitude: Make your campaigns even more data-driven

Published : August 2, 2022

Marketers love data-driven campaigns since they yield better results. Helping thousands of marketers and product managers with data analytics, Amplitude is the leading data analytics platform. Partnering with Amplitude today, we’re happy to announce the Netcore Amplitude integration that brings a new way to launch even more effective campaigns.

Bring more data to your campaigns

Amplitude helps you track, visualize, and analyze user engagement and behavior data. Meanwhile, Netcore Cloud empowers you to roll out personalized campaigns tailored for your audience using advanced customer engagement software.

With the integration, target Amplitude cohorts in Netcore Cloud to create campaigns and journeys that tap into multiple channels. This customer engagement tool allows for further segmentation of the imported cohorts, refining your target demographics. Send campaigns across channels like email, push notifications, web notifications, SMS, in-app messages, and more. Additionally, Netcore’s AI-driven engine, Raman, assists in selecting the optimal channels, amplifying the efficacy of your campaigns through our customer engagement solutions.


With the new integration, customers that use both products can export cohort data from Amplitude to Netcore. Import both web and app cohorts to Netcore for an omnichannel approach. Since the imports are stored as lists in Netcore Cloud, the actionable possibilities are virtually infinite.

How does this Benefit Marketers?

With the Netcore Amplitude integration, you can:

  1. Import Amplitude analytics to Netcore with a few clicks
  2. Automatically fetch updates in cohorts
  3. Launch campaigns to cohorts

Let’s delve into how various sectors can harness the power of this upgraded customer engagement platform.

1. Ecommerce: Cart abandons

Cart abandonments are a major problem for ecommerce brands. They happen due to multiple reasons and across web and apps. Consider cohorts that add items to cart but never proceed to checkout on one or multiple instances. This allows you to engage these customers with tailored campaigns or intricate journeys, offering promotions using our customer engagement solutions.


2. Edtech: Dropoffs

As a marketer, when using Amplitude’s powerful funnels, you’d look at how many users signed up for a class and how many of them dropped off after watching the free intro. By exploring this cohort into Netcore, you can target such dropoffs with personalized messages and promotions to get them back in the funnel.


3. OTT: Activation

Media streaming OTT brands have cohorts that stopped watching a series to target them with activation campaigns. The funnel can also be expanded to see “Videos search → Videos watched”. From here, you can send push notifications or email campaigns to remind users to finish watching the series. The campaign results can be seen on the Netcore dashboard to understand and change the communications.


4. Banking: Nudges

In a more advanced setup, the Netcore Amplitude integration allows syncing any cohort from Amplitude and running nudges using our Product Experience (PX) platform. These nudges are executed on a Netcore list. Consider a banking consumer cohort that activated their credit cards offline; this data now resides in the backend. When these users access the banking app, nudges can be initiated using Netcore’s customer engagement platform, enhancing the user’s experience.


5. Data analysis by exporting

Data can get complex, especially with large user bases and multiple touchpoints. For such cases, the imported lists can be exported as CSV files for data analysis tools. Post-analysis, campaigns and messaging can be fine-tuned to achieve the desired ROI using our customer engagement software.

Start syncing data today

Combining Netcore’s prowess in AI-driven customer engagement platform with Amplitude’s analytical capabilities, you’re equipped to launch impactful campaigns across all customer touchpoints. Soon, we’re adding options to send campaign performance data to Amplitude for analysis and event data, among other features. Meanwhile, you can view this data within the Netcore dashboard.

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