Create personalized experiences meaningful communications 1:1 engagements
that win customers for life
Netcore Customer Engagement & Experience is an intelligent full-stack platform that gives you the power to redefine #growth
5,000+ brands across 18 countries use Netcore
Here is how Netcore fuels your growth
Real time data driven actionable insights at your disposal
Here is how Netcore fuels your growth
Real time data driven actionable insights at your disposal
Predictive intelligence: answer the WHY
Helping brands not just identify user insights but also give answers to “why” did the revenue drop or users churn.
Personalized omnichannel engagement
Unify your customer data across sources, connect to your marketing channels, simplify engagement workflows.
Build amazing experiences with No Code
Helping product managers take digital experience from concept to execution with speed and agility.
Unleash the power of AI in marketing
with Raman
Grow your conversion, retention, and revenue with Raman's game-changing predictive intelligence
Unleash the Power of AI in Marketing
with Raman!
Welcome our AI engine, Raman, to your marketing team as he equips you with actionable insights and user behavioral predictions
The brands you trust, trust us
Marketing and product leaders at customer-centric brands trust Netcore
to deliver a world-class customer experience.
We have seen significant results using Netcore's platform, and there has been a good boost with our open and click rates compared to what we have seen with other providers.
Tara McAdams
Digital media & Marketing Manager
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Since we fully launched with Netcore (and stopped using Mailchimp), our open rate has increased by about 50%, and revenue is up 30%.
Courtney Minor
Email Marketing Manager
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After a 14 day AB test with Netcore’s proprietary AI-based Personalization, we observed a 13.2% uplift in overall revenue.
Atul Shivnani
Head of E-Commerce and Digital Marketing
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Their expert consultancy has helped ensure that our Gmail inboxing, IP reputation, and domain are healthy.
Kalyn Cooper
Office Manager & Email Marketing Strategist
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Netcore’s personalization engine led to an ATC increase of 4%-5% on the existing engine of an industry giant. Would recommend others to try them out!
Jacob Dryer
Digital Marketing Manager
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